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Tardis and time travel dream

A dream about time travel could be a symbol for a meeting someone from our past - as we remember how we used to think and feel.

THE DREAM I am in some community centre. There is the Tardis there with Doctor Who(he is ar our feelings time traveller). It is a very dark room. I have closed the curtains but there is a mirror which can see in. I feel embarrassed in the dream

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer met a friend from the past. They got talking and he felt embarrassed because his friend had done so well for himself. During the conversation his friend mentioned how lacking money he was. The dreamer felt this was a joke when in fact he then realised that his friend was serious.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I met an old friend yesterday and he mentioned how poor he was. It was just a joke but I looked around his house and he seemed to be doing really well. It just made me think"

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream featured a time machine("The Tardis" from "Doctor Who"). This is a fairly easy symbol to track down. You just look for some connection to the past or future. In this case the dreamer had met someone from the past. In meeting him he had travelled in time. Things had changed radically and in meeting his friend in some ways he was meeting his old self. He was thinking how he used to be and how things had changed.

The closed curtains perhaps symbolised the wish to conceal his own circumstances. He felt completely poor compared to his prosperous friend. In the dream the dreamer felt embarrassed that people could see into the room so he was closing the curtains. That captured the sense of embarrassment in reality.

Symbolic Meanings

CURTAINS CLOSED: "the dreamer was embarrassed at his own situation compared to his friends prosperity. He wanted to conceal how badly he was doing"
MIRROR: "the dreamers friend had mentioned the day before how poor he was - the friends comments made him think about himself. He realised what he considered poor and what his friend considered poor were completely different things."
TIME MACHINE : "The dreamer meets someone from the past - he was travelling in his mind through time. Thinking about the past and the present"

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