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Dream - rabid fox

THE DREAM - I was walking along quite relaxed and there was something about Chelsea football club. Suddenly I was on a train. It was going so quickly and everyone on it was completely shaken up. I was in danger of falling out of one these open doors. The train screeched to a stop and I got out. There was a dog (people said something about a dog) except it was more like a rabid fox. This wild creature was snarling and ready to bite me.

THE REALITY The dreamer was an alcoholic and his flat was in a terrible state. He had just received a letter from his landlord wanting to make a flat inspection. This made him very worried and he feared he would lose his home. The letter said that this was nothing to worry about and that the visit was just routine and a friendly way of introducing the dreamers housing officer but he was still worried sick.

THE INTERPRETATION Notice how this dream is about something which seems like a dog yet the animal is a fox. That is at the heart of this dream and it's easy to understand it's meaning. This dream represents this exact thought "this letter makes out there is nothing to be worried about because this visit is routine yet I fear I will lose my home." The dream is a metaphor for this thought.

At first the animal seems like a dog, which is a domesticated animal which is friendly to humans. That is a metaphor for the letter and this thought "she says that there is nothing to be worried about and that the visit is friendly."

The snarling wild animal is symbolic of the dreamers worst fears. It is a wild animal with wild and rabid teeth. This wild creature shows how the dreamer fears that the situation could become wild get out of hand.

The fast moving train is a symbol which expresses a similar feeling. The perilous and dangerous speed at which it was going simply mirrored this type of thought - "this is an unpredictable situation and could easily result in disaster."

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