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Hidden secret dream

THE DREAM I was in a doctors surgery with Katie, a woman whom I try to avoid because she gets involved with all kinds of trouble. I had maybe grassed on someone. Or I had pointed the finger of suspicion on someone. She sounded like she was going to be blamed or she was scared and I tried to reassure her.

I was in some kind of house. Each person had their own room and the place was run by a landlords who house the homeless out. (The place reminded me of a similar place where a friend of mine is staying. She was put in their when homeless and is now been threatened with eviction from there.) Checks are being made on each room by this landlord. I try to trick them into thinking that I am in one room rather than the one I am actually in. I manage to do that. I wanted to hide the room I was in because I was ashamed about the untidy chaotic mess it was in. But then they go into the room I was actually in. They are shocked at the mess. The woman is talking like some major crime has been committed. She was talking about dead bodies, she thought a murder had been committed. This room, the one I had been living in, hid a deep secret. These checks on the rooms had uncovered this crime.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The house in the dream where the "murder" was committed took place reminded the dreamer of a friend's house. This friend had been homeless and had been offered a place with a housing association who helped people by giving them a temporary home. This was meant to be used as a base to find more permanent accommodation. If people stayed there too long they would be evicted, it was only a short stay let. The dreamers friend was now in crisis in real life because she was given notice to quit in three days. The dreamer feared being dragged into this friend's trouble. He feared that she might want to stay with him. She was incapable of taking advice and always ended up doing something stupid. He especially did not want her to stay as he lived in a chaotic way which might shock her. His home looked like a Crack House. He was ashamed of the mess and never invited anyone around.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dream portrays a hidden secret and this was a theme important to the dreamer on the night of the dream. The dirty and untidy room in the dream was a symbol for the dreamers own untidy and chaotic home. He feared a homeless woman would be wanting him to put her up. He did not want to get involved in someone else's problems.

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