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Defeated army dream

This dream used the story of Napoleon's "retreat from Moskow" as a symbol for the dreamer's bleak situation.

DREAM I was in the Napoleon's retreat from Moskow. This is a real event in history and it resulted in Napoleon's army being slaughtered during the cold harsh winter. Later I was in other winter military campaigns.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The dreamer was stuck in the middle of a very hard winter. He had been working in the snow all the day before - it had been particularly difficult. He woke up and had a hallucination about the Christmas of 1914 when soldiers came out of the trenches during the world war and played football.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : The dream is a direct metaphor for the harsh winter and terrible conditions that the dreamer faced the day before. War is associated with hardship so its an excellent symbol for the conditions that the dreamer was facing at that time. The weather had obviously got to him - he had been worn down by the mind numbing cold. The retreat from Moskow was a particularly relevant metaphor as it was also a harsh winter. During the retreat from Moscow Napoleon lost virtually his whole army. They were ill equipped for the cold weather and simply cut down. Overall the dream simply captured this feeling - "Yesterday was so cold. I do not know how we managed to do anything in those conditions. I simply couldn't function in such cold"

Obviously, the cold weather gave him the same emotions as a retreating army. He felt like a defeated army cold and exhausted.

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