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Dream : Airport, trains and cars closed and elephants skin whipped

Don't try to read too much into the details of a dream. This dream shows the dreamer very frustrated and its easy to see how this dream was triggered by frustrations the day before

THE DREAM In last night's dream it was Saturday night and I was in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I had arrived by train but the train stopped there and didn't continue it's trip. The next train didn't leave until Monday morning. I went to the airport but the next plane didn't leave until Monday morning. Then I went to the bus station but the next bus didn't leave until Monday morning. All of the rental car agencies were closed until Monday morning. It was night and I was looking for something to eat. All of the restaurants were closed until Monday morning.

I was standing across the street from a building. The building was made out of rocks and cement. It also had a flat roof with a sloping brown metal apron around it. The entrance was across the street, but the driveway went down a hill into the parking lot. Street level was above the building's roof. I saw other people walking into the building so I followed. The doors were on the south side of the building.

The inside of the building had no furniture. It had thick brown carpet, gold walls, and tile ceiling with fluorescent lights. On the west wall was a white screen for a movie projector. I sat on the floor with a few other people along the wall opposite the screen.

A man who said he was a pastor put a film in the projector. The film was home video of people whipping elephants. Their whips had sharp metal at the ends and they whipped the elephants until their skin fell off. The pastor said that cruelty to animals is immoral and he was organizing a trip to Africa to stop this. Then the pastor said "An elephant never forgets".

Then another man in the audience got up and said that he was a pastor who had his own radio talk show and his own TV talk show. This pastor said that cruelty to animals Isn't immoral and there was nothing wrong with whipping elephants until their skin fell off. Then he said that he has been to Africa on several elephant whipping trips and he was organizing another trip to Africa to whip more elephants.

At that time the pastor who showed the film opened the front door to the building and an elephant came inside. The elephant had about half of it's skin missing. The rest of it's body was pink and covered with yellow blisters. The elephant walked up to the pastor in the audience and said "Do you remember me? I remember you. An elephant never forgets." Then the elephant kicked and trampled the poacher pastor to death. After the pastor was dead the elephant left the building.

I walked outside and the sun was up. There was a construction company building a new driveway into the building. There were two surveyors at the end of the driveway. The surveyors were being yelled at because they surveyed it wrong and the curb on the west side of the driveway was 1.8 feet lower than the curb on the east side of the driveway. I walked up the driveway and there was a Mexican man standing next to a new sewer. He looked at me and said "That's my Quiva de Cerveza" ( I don't know if that makes any sense in Spanish ). I looked down the sewer and there was all kinds of Mexican beer inside. I reached down and pulled out some cold ones and shared them with him. The temperature inside the sewer was one degree above freezing and the beer tasted very good.

At that time another man drove into the parking lot with a semi. He looked at me and said "Here's your transportation out of Cheyenne, you can drive it to Denver." I looked him and told him I would take US Rt. 85 south to US Rt. 34 west to I-25 south because I wanted to avoid the truck scales. Then the man took away the truck because he didn't want me to go that way. He said it would take too long.

Then the same man drove into the parking lot with a car. He said I could drive the car to my parents house ( which is north west of Denver ). I told him I would take I-25 south to the Northwest Parkway to US Rt. 287 south. Then the man said "I don't like that way. Northwest Parkway is a turnpike and this car doesn't have Express Toll". Since he didn't like my proposed route, he took the car away from me.

Then I called my parents to come and give me a ride out of Cheyenne. They pulled up in their van and my aunt and uncle were with them. They parked on the other side of a ditch. I looked at the ditch and it was filled with thorny plants that had magenta flowers on top. The ditch looked like it was ankle deep so I was going to walk across it. I took one step and I fell in the ditch. I was surrounded by thorny plants that were seven feet tall. I climbed back out and I was covered with prickly thorns.

Then the dream ended. In the dream I failed to leave Cheyenne, WY, which is what I intended to do in the beginning of the dream.

THE REALITY The dreamer was in Florida staying in a hotel. He ordered a private mail box so He could receive mail. He told people to either send mail to his address in New Jersey or don't send anything at all. His Dad ignored his request and sent him a parcel to the address of the hotel where He was temporarily staying. He didn't find out about this until he was ready to check out, so consequently He had to extend his stay and wait for that package. The dreamer didn't say anything to his Dad about sending the package where he told him not to send it because that package was a Christmas gift. It would be very insensitive to bite someone's head off because he didn't like the method they used to send a gift.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream has obvious references to delays and problems. It captures a sense of real frustration. In most cases dreams link to very specific feelings. They capture issues usually from the day before. In this case the dreamer could mention something very specifically. It was about having to extend his stay at a hotel in order to receive a Christmas present. The dreamer had given clear instructions to everyone yet his father sent a parcel anyway. So that is an obvious subject for a dream.

Yet the dream deals with the abuse of these elephants. Skin in dreams is a symbol of sensitivity. In the dream there is a debate raging about if its OK to whip these elephants. That symbolises the fact that there is a debate within his own mind. That symbolises how in reality the dreamer was restraining himself because the parcel was a Christmas gift. It would be insensitive to fly off the handle.

The pastor is also a symbol of Christian thoughts and putting into practice your religious feelings. So here maybe it shows that the dreamer is trying to preach to himself and try to do the right thing. Its like there is a little voice in his mind trying to control his frustration.

Sewers carry all sorts of unwanted material. They are essentially an infrastructure to deal with bad feelings. They symbolise how we deal with bad experiences and bad thoughts. Perhaps the cold beer is symbolic of how quickly a cool drink can help get rid of this petty irritation. Sometimes we need to unwind if an issue is in our minds. So the dreamer had to stay in Florida in order to receive a parcel. That's not such a bad thing is it.

Plants often symbolise things that are growing and taking root within our minds. These plants contain thorns and that may show that for the dreamer this is a "thorny issue". Its a subject that just like the whipped elephants he will find difficult to forget yet he is making attempts to dismiss this from his mind

Symbolic Meanings
2 : "mixed feelings about something - in this case about his attitude towards his father"
AIRPORT : "doing something very quickly"
ANIMAL : "moodiness and animalistic emotions - lacking any real control"
BEER : "escape from your worries - a need to take a more relaxed attitude towards something"
ELEPHANT : "a long memory - the dreamer will find it difficult to forget this incident "
MOVIE : "recalling every detail of some event within your mind"
PEOPLE : "what is the appropriate response in the circumstances"
THORN : "prickly problems in the dreamers relationship with his past"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following thoughts within the dreamer - "I know my father made a serious error which has disrupted me. But I am trying to calm myself down and take a more relaxed attitude towards this as he was after all sending me my Christmas present."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

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