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Huge mansion and criminal gambler dream symbolism

We recreate life in dreams using simple stereotypes. Therefore an elegant mansion could represent your wish to be seen in such as way. Such dreams link to associated words such as "riches", "respect" and "achievements"

THE DREAM I am near some mansion. It appears to be quite elegant and its in the countryside. There seems to be some connection with a lord who is a major gambler. He is also a bounder and a criminal. I seem to be reading a newspaper for the horse racing.

THE REALITY The dreamer was to be featured in a local newspaper. He actually lied about one or two things in order to make his image seem better.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Dreams are very much linked to the previous day. Here there was issue that came to mind for the dreamer. He had lied in an interview about himself for the local newspaper. That was quite a good fit for the dream.

The dream features a mansion. Mansions are huge houses and any large building in dreams symbolises your personality and the outside world. Its an issue involving other people.

The lie is also covered in several other senses. The gambling is a sign of risk taking and the chance of being found out. The criminal is symbolic of the dreamers awareness that he has done something wrong. The Lord symbolises his attempts to make himself seem more important. The countryside may even be symbolic of the dreamers knowledge that his lie will be difficult to detect - the countryside is remote and cut off.

Symbolic Meanings
COUNTRYSIDE : The countryside is remote and cut off. Things can happen which no one knows about. In real life the dreamer was
CRIMINAL : This refers to the dreamers awareness he has done something wrong - told a lie in an interview.
GAMBLER : Taking a risk - the chance of a lie being found out.
LORD : In real life the dreamer had been exaggerating his own importance. A Lord maybe a symbol of him trying to come across as more important than he actually was.
MANSION(Large building) : A large building often links to some issue that involves not just yourself but other people.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had to do an interview for the local newspaper. I told them a lie but I am sure I will get away with it because the chances of them finding out the truth are very remote."

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