Dream - having sex with sister

THE DREAM - I am having sex with my sister. She does not seem to be objecting though it was clearly something she did not expect.

For men sister dreams can represent non sexual relationships with women. Think of any way in which this may feature in your thoughts eg "I know she just wants to be friends" or quite different thoughts "I cannot stand her and would never have sex with her". Either way the dream shows that the mind has been focusing on a relationship with a woman which is non sexual.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had been involved in a situation with a woman at work. She was very attractive. The dreamer had been very upset recently suffering from severe depression and had made a fool of himself with her. He felt that she would probably be thinking that he fancied her and that was the reason why he had been very nervous and had acted strangely.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams will often link to big events the day before without us having any obvious clues. They depict intuitive thoughts and key feelings. In this case the dreamer was worried a woman at work may be worried he was stalking her. This dream is entirely consistent with these thoughts. He was attracted to this woman but had tried to keep the relationship professional. A sister is someone who you should not have sex with as its inappropriate. So the dream depicts the worries that he might be seen to be acting inappropriately. The dream also shows his conflicting thoughts and emotions about this situation as his sister in the dream welcomes the sexual advances.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
SEX WITH SISTER: "The dreamers worry that a girl at work would think he had sexual feelings for her."
SISTER : "For a male this can represent someone whom it is inappropriate to have sexual feelings for"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was nervous with this woman at work. I have been very depressed recently and I just acted stupidly. I just worry that she may think that I am attracted to her and obsessing about her - even stalking her. Its really complicated because I think she maybe attracted to me"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight into a work relationship

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