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kissing man - dream interpretation

In many ways this dream was literal in that the dreamer did go to a pub with the man in this dream. Why kiss him though? Why kiss another man?

THE DREAM I was in a pub kissing a man whom I know.

THE REALITY The previous evening the dreamer (also male )was talking with the man in the dream in a pub. The man was revealing his thoughts about his marriage. He had just broken up with his wife.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer was not gay. The kiss in the dream merely showed that he was trying to empathize and agree with his friends trouble. He had come into very close contact with the friend personal and inner thoughts. Cleopatra Computer dictionary - relevant references KISS : "embrace some thought or belief"

Symbolic Meanings
SEX : "the sex represents the increasingly close bond between the dreamer and his friend. He has helped talk him through his problems"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was talking with my friend in the pub last night. I got to hear all the intimate details of his love life. I felt an increasingly close bond with him and sympathy for him."

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