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Hospital bed - dream dictionary

A peeing in a bed in someone elses house dream took place as the dreamer released that she had behaved badly whilst staying with friend.

THE DREAM - I was laying on a hospital bed in someone's house and the bed was under a shower head the owner of the house left and I don't know why but I was laying on the bed and thought it would he cool to pee on it and turn the shower on but I realized how gross it was and I immediately went to put them to wash then I was walking down a parking lot to my car I'm not really sure where I was cus I wasn't paying attention but there were a lot of cars there I reached my car finally and I was saying bye to someone in my family and I don't know how but an old best friend was sitting in the back seat and my cousin in the front seat of my car ready to leave with me. as we were saying bye to that other family member I noticed a large tidal wave headed straight for us and that family member jumped in the car and I sped off I reached a point where the water from the ocean had blocked the road so I turned around and took a different road I remember being afraid that we weren't gonna make it and before I knew it we were safe at a hotel I dropped everyone off but I wanted to go back and make sure no one was left behind when I returned everything was back to normal but somehow I just knew another tidal wave would be occurring soon and Claudia joy (my favorite character from the show army wives) wanted to stay behind. soon there was another tidal wave and I was trying to get her to come when it was safe but she wouldn't but then I suppose she got scared so she started following me and someone else to safety but the tsunami fell over us anyway and I wasn't as afraid as I thought I would be I didn't drown or anything and we were so happy we had survived it so we went to a hotel and we ended up in my house where I was thinking I had to get the blankets out of the dryer for my guests.

GUESSWORK The dreamer was visiting a foreign country where her husband was stationed in the army. Two night's previously the dreamer had been involved in an argument with her husband. She was very upset and locked herself away in her room. She finally came out but her husband later talked to her and said that she should not have behaved like that in someone else's house.

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1. The hospital bed could easily symbolise how she was very upset. Hospitals can represent our emotional upsets.
2. If the dream is about the incident the day before then the peeing on the bed could symbolise the way the dreamer behaved in someone else's home. It's a really antisocial thing to do to pee in someone else's bed. That could represent the anti social nature of what she did. Indeed she realises 'how gross this is' and so its about her realising that she has done something wrong. 3. TIDAL WAVE : the tidal wave probably represents the possible consequences of what she has done. Its something bad and out of control. The tidal wave seems to mirror real life as well because the tidal wave turns out not as big a problem as expected. In real life the situation was sorted out.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the incident the day before. The dream deals with the following themes
- Doing something gross
- realizing that something is bad

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"I know I was very upset but what I did was gross. I should not have behaved like that in someone else's house."

The tidal wave is difficult to work out. Perhaps it is a symbol for the dreamers feelings. The huge wave represents the huge sadness that swept her. That meant that she had to respond in a similar way... run for cover. Maybe the tidal wave represents the possible consequences of her actions.

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