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Dream interpretation - shiny new bike

This "endless journey" dream seems an excellent metaphor for the project that the dreamer was involved in.

THE DREAM - I had a dream about me riding a bike and how I biked all the way to Belgium and that I could not find my way back and I asked people if they knew how I could find my way back home. Nobody wanted to help me, I was in a busy city and everybody in the stores and restaurants were too busy to help me. I had a really nice bike, nothing wrong with it, a shiny bike with big wheels, it looked a little like a low rider bike. I eventually just biked on because home didn't feel far away, even though I was in another country. On my way home I ran in to 50 cent (why oh why?) who was shooting a new video or something I don't know everything was moving forward, everything was moving fast and I was still riding my bike. He eventually wanted to help me find my way back home, but then I woke up.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer showed a teacher the results of her project. He was happy with the results but wanted her to do it over again to make it perfect. She told him that she was going to explode if she had to do everything over again because it was so much work. He convinced her to do it all over again. So the dreamer was figuring out how to find time to start over again. But it was hard because she has so many projects and homework.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The link between dreams and the day before is quite strong. Often dreams capture some prominent emotion from the day before. Bike riding is an extremely strenuous activity. So this is an obvious metaphor. The long bike journey represents the daunting amount of work the dreamer has.

Symbolic Meanings
BIKE : "A strenuous activity which takes much effort and energy - here it symbolised a project the dreamer was having to repeat"
LONG JOURNEY : "The long journey symbolized a difficult and time consuming new task that the dreamer had just agreed to"
SHINY BIKE : "A symbol for the dreamers own talents. She was confident in her own abilities. This bike therefore represents the confidence that her tutors had in her. Good bike equals lots of ability. "
Fifty Cents Video : "Videos are time consuming and involve lots of takes. The dreamer was probably using this as a metaphor for her own struggle to achieve perfection"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My tutor has convinced me to do my project again. I just don't know how I am going to fit this in. It seems like a daunting effort. But if I am going to achieve my own potential then I must push myself."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a thought which was prominent in the dreamers mind the night before

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