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Children with cancer dream

THE DREAM The dream was something to do with a cancer club. It was like an art group set up for children with cancer. I had feelings of worthiness. But the children were losing hope and were exhausted. Some wanted to die.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The day before the dreamer had spoken to someone who had inspired him in the past to live in a more honest and moral way. But since then he had lost touch with this person. Now the dreamer was feeling resentful. The previous day he had seen this person and they had spoken politely. But the dreamer did not feel the same belief in this person as before. Nowadays he just felt tired most of the time and was not interested in being honest and moral. He had reversed back to his previous state of mind being depressed and lacking hope.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Look for simple connections with real life to help you work out what the subject matter of the dream is. The day before the dreamer had bumped into someone who had previously given him hope. The dream also dealt with the issue of hope. Maybe this hints at the dream being about this chance meeting the day before?

The dream made the dreamer think about this person who had inspired the dreamer in the past. The very issue of cancer made him think of this persons charitable nature.

But the dream seems to focus more on a lack of hope. This seems to mirror the dreamers real life state of mind. He was not in the mood to be inspired by this person any more. The children summed up his own lack of hope. Some of the children indeed wanted to die.

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