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chased up a tree by an alligator dream

In analysing a dream try not to think of phrases such as "I have never seen an alligator" and instead think of the relevance of phrases like "I should avoid that" or "thats too much to handle"

DREAM - chased up a tree by an alligator In my dream I was near water in a use and when I went outside an enormous alligator came after me. So I climbed up the nearest tree and sat there waiting for it to go away, as I watched helplessly as it waited to eat me.

This dream was posted on on the February 8, 2012, 05:03 by jess. It was viewed 51 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:A friend and I were planning to take a trip and the day before we were going to leave, she called me and completely backed out, and said we would have to postpone it, and I was ok with that, but then she ignored me when I truer to arrange another date to go, and she still hasn't answered me back since. I felt so disrespected and anxious to go and she deliberately ignored me.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Dreams represent similar situations and sets of emotions. This is a metaphor for some thought you have had about this situation. An alligator is something that you really should try to avoid. I think that the dream represents this type of situation ... "I wanted to ask about rearranging the date but did not like to it too much. Maybe its best to just accept the situation. If I push it it might get quite difficult. That's something that I should avoid"

Dreams can represent our thoughts about the best strategy - how best to approach something. In this case the dream maybe shows you realising its best to avoid confrontation or maybe thinking that you pushed it too much when she quite obviously was trying to hint

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