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A huge monster truck dream interpretation

THE DREAM I'm in a strange part of town and need to get home. A young blonde guy wants to give me a ride but I don't trust him. Eventually I go with him but have trouble getting into his huge monster truck.

The truck is really messy inside. He drives to Madge's house (my daycare provider and close friend), not mine.

Also, they guy that gave me the ride, whom I was distrustful of, looked almost like a woman and confused me at times. I knew he was a lowlife but not necessarily a bad or dangerous person and I felt obligated to give him/her the benefit of the doubt. Since no one is supposed to be home, I think it's okay to bring him in.

Of course, once we go inside, everyone is home - my kids, Madge's family, her mother Gram. I ask Dawn, Madge's daughter to make me a fruit smoothie and she refuses saying there's no food. I'm mad at her but make a joke instead.

THE REALITY On the previous day the dreamer was due to host a new book reading club. Her friend and daycare provider was not invited. The dreamer felt that she maybe found out about the evening when she bumped into her whilst she had just bought two bottles of wine. Her friend tends to be very jealous of any activities where she is not invited. She gets especially jealous of any activities involving friends with a college degree(as she only has a high school diploma). But she was excluded because she was not much of a book reader and would maybe see book reading clubs as snobby.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer had a very busy day the day before this dream but one thought was stuck in her mind. She was thinking about her friend and day care provider who had not been invited to the evening she had planned. The dream does feature one direction to her friend Madge. Her daughter was in the dream . That's at least a connection. dream will often refer to people in such odd ways. So the dream does in some way directly link to her.

Men in dream link to issues which are masculine in nature. Men tend to link to male type emotions such as stubbornness, determination and lack of good communication. In this case the dream could directly link to the issue mentioned in that the dreamer had not told her friend of the evening. The dreamer had not asked her friend if she wanted to come. She was not given the option so effectively the issue was forced through without debate.

The truck symbolises how the dreamer is travelling in a certain direction. This is a direction that she does not entirely think is right but she does trust the man. This shows that the dreamer was heading in a direction that she was not entirely sure about. In the dream she knows he is a lowlife showing that in real life she knows she is heading in a direction that may seem mean.

One thing to note is that the man at times appears to be like a woman. So the portion of her personality that is in charge of making this decision is partly male in its characteristics but also has female tendencies. So although the issue is been forced through in a very male way with out any communication the dreamer feels that this is for the good. The man appears slightly female because underlying her actions is some strong emotional motives. The dreamer felt that not inviting her friend was for the best because she would have felt out of place and did not enjoy reading books. In fact she would not have enjoyed the evening and would have felt out of place.

In the final section of the dream she is denied hospitality in her friends home. Maybe this links to the dreamers fears of her friend taking offence at this exclusion.

In the dream the dreamer asks for two smoothies. That's almost said in the way that you order drinks in a shop. That is maybe a reference to the two bottles of wine that the dreamer had bought. These she felt could give away the fact that she had something planned that evening. Its an odd connection but dream can make such odd connections. Its just a coincidence that the same two numbers come up.

In the dream Madge's daughter maybe makes an appearance to express Madges opinions. That may show that her friend is in a teenage type mood - being awkward and sensitive. This may link to the dreamers fear that her friend may be quite sensitive to this exclusion.

The dream ends up in Madges house. That's symbolic of looking at Madge from the inside. It shows that you are looking at things from her point of view. In a way the dreamer was in real life considering her friends feelings. The decision was made to exclude her but that this was something that was for the best.

So overall the dream shows that the dreamer is heading in a direction that she would not normally go in making decisions that are unfamiliar to her. But she knows that the decision is the correct one even though she felt pretty devious about this.

Symbolic Meanings
DANGEROUS : "the dreamer recognises the great risk involved by excluding her friend "
GUY : "showing male emotions - excluding people and not communicating your feelings "
MONSTER : "something which you fear may get out of control"
MOTHER : "your worries and concerns about something"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am holding a book reading party but have not invited my best friend. But I think she would not enjoy it. But she gets really jealous when she is left out of anything"

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