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Dream interpretation - violated and scared in crack house

Dreams recreate your emotions about key issues with a fictional story which pinpoints key feelings or moments. This intruder dream linked to a woman who was gossiping about her - she was "intrusive".

THE DREAM I wake up to find an intruder moving confidently through my basement, speaking on his mobile phone and arranging to take over my house. I immediately think this person, and his gang, want to turn my house into a crack house. I feel violated and scared but also angry and ready to defend my tranquil way of life. No sooner do I run downstairs and confront him and throw him out, another person breaks in upstairs. Eventually there are up to 10 people going in and out and I can't stop them. Eventually I run into the street and scream for my neighbours to call the police but I can barely speak, my voice has suddenly gone. I run back in the house and try to shout at the intruders to go, on their way out they take sentimental things which mean a lot to me, like jewellery my mother bought me. They all get into a large jeep and jovially drive away. Although some hang back and keep trying to steal things from the house.

THE REALITY Before The dreamer went to bed the night before she had a conversation with someone she didn't really trust. In the past this woman and her cronies had gossiped about her. The dreamer worried about her intruding into her personal life. She was trying very hard to keep this private.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams use symbols often in rather odd ways. They do seem rather extreme but they will often make sense. Rather than looking at the weird storyline you need to look at the core emotions. Often these will relate to feelings that are really quite relevant. On face value you may assume that this dream seems completely bizarre. Yet deep down it links to feelings of violation and intrusion.

Its always best to try to test out little theories concerning dreams. In this case the dreamer identified a situation where she felt intruded upon the night before. The dreamer felt that she could be the victim of gossip. So its worth trying to develop this idea. In the dream she feels a real sense of powerlessness. That is maybe relevant to the real life situation. Gossip after all is rather unseen. People by their very nature talk about you behind your back. So you can never truly encounter it. Also important in this dream is the jovial nature in which the intruders talk. This real life situation also involved joviality. The woman who liked to gossip was being nice to her an perhaps trying to lure her in to telling her some juicy details - that she would no doubt later exploit to the full.

The dream also involves the intruders themselves. That's maybe a very accurate symbol here. In real life the dreamer had felt personally violated by gossip. It had intruded upon her own life and had affected her professionally. This had been something that she had always tried to avoid.

Symbolic Meanings
INTRUDER : "The dreamer worries about a real life gossip who had previously intruded into her own personal life"
POWERLESS : Powerless was a theme in the dreamers thoughts as she felt she was powerless to stop the gossip this woman was noted for.
JOVIAL : One of the things that the dreamer hated most about this gossip was that she seemed friendly but she knew that she would gossip. The jovial criminals tapped into this feeling of someone doing wrong (a criminal being a symbol for the gossip).

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I talked with that horrible woman last night. She was being nice to me. I just don't trust her. She would be nice to me and then gossip about me behind my back.".

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