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Dream symbols - zombies chasing

THE DREAM It's my home town. He are being invaded. The homes are falling apart, almost like its been deserted for years. We realize that if we stand behind a white wall of something, anything solid white they will not find us. We are climbing, crawling (it's like we are these special opp soldiers only we aren't) and hiding from these creatures. We see that some are new, or just turning into zombies. People we know or know of. We hi-jack this huge 18 wheeler type vehicle. I am in the drivers seat but I can't see through the wind shield. I am too high in the seat and I have to bend way low to see out. I am in some kind of parking garage, secure or private and we need to get out but I am terrible behind the wheel so I swap places with my friend. I jump in the back and get my weapons ready. We find a secure place. It's a store and everyone is in terrible need of clean clothes, etc. I look but don't find anything that fits so I just randomly pick up some undies and jeans. I squeeze into them. They don't fit.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had been especially irritated by the negative and annoying behavior of her boyfriend. He had a tendency to say things that he knew would irritate her. The day before had been especially stressful. He had even wound her up by buying something for her in large amounts that she did not need.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams can often link to big incidents from the day before. These incidents need not be so big - what is important is that they stick in your mind. The day before the dreamer was irritated by her boyfriends continual negative comments. He tends to say things which deliberately wind her up. How could this dream be linked to this?

One incident stood out. The dreamers boyfriend had insisted on buying her something. She looked but could not find anything. He insisted on buying her some cream but in a massive amount which again wound her up. This incident seems to be repeated in the dream. She tries on some jeans but they do not fit(she could not find anything she wanted).

A zombie is mindless - perhaps this is a metaphor for how she views her boyfriends negative comments and behavior. It is unthinking and annoying.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
NEW AND OLD ZOMBIES : "Perhaps referring to her boyfriends bad habits. Some old and some new ways to irritate her"
ZOMBIES : "Her boyfriends annoying habits (Zombie like) mindless comments which induce boredom"
JEANS DON'T FIT: "The previous day the dreamer had insisted on buying her something. She could not find anything but he insisted on buying something. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My boyfriend was driving me crazy yesterday. He says all the things he normally says which wind me up. Its all mindless nonsense and makes me switch right off. Even when he bought me something he annoyed me"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to capture a key feeling from the day before.

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