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Torture dream

Dreams are like short plays which play out our emotions in fictional settings. You can clearly tell that the dreamer had been humiliated the day before.

DREAM - torture I was being tortured and held by a man in public. He shot me in the head and then shot me in the abdomen and then wiped my wounds and started dry humping me. It was like a circus of people in the crowd. Men with very long penis's getting hand jobs by other men. Woman with short hair wearing blue on a unicycle telling the man to let me free.

This dream was posted on on the May 14, 2012, 10:01 by jd. It was viewed 29 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:someone at work made fun of my boots. also have been feeling like I can't trust men and that they are all pigs.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : The dream just recreates this whole situation but from an emotional point of view. Its like a play which captures your emotions about men and probably sparked by these comments about your boots. Put simply you say men are like pigs... well the dream is about men acting like pigs

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