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Orphanage dream

Try to see how a dream is relevant to real life. In real life the dreamer felt her father was uncaring and simply not interested. In the dream the orphanage could be linked to this situation as orphanages are associated with uncaring and neglected children who no one cares for. The orphanage could therefore express the feeling "my father simply does not care"

DREAM - attack of children I was in an orphanage in a third world country (I'm not an orphan and I don't live in a third world country). In this orphanage I kept causing trouble and the owners were threatening to move me to a different orphanage. I did one more crazy stunt, which was attempting suicide (I'm not suicidal nor do I want to kill myself) and they told me I had to leave the next day but still attend school, which happened to be in the same building. I went down some stairs to go to my class and when I turned the corner the building had become run down due to warfare. There were young boys shooting guns around the building. There were no outer walls, so I could see outside, it was still very light outside. A boy turned and stood in front of me, pointing a gun at me. I was really scared. He started to shoot at me but I couldn't feel or see the gun shots, almost like the guns were toy guns. I started to run away and find an escape away from these boys and every staircase was broken or led to a dead end. I ran into this big open circular hallway, almost like a foyer without doors, where people were shooting at each other with their toy guns. About 5 small children, 4 boys and 1 girl, from the orphanage were huddled together with one of the boys who was shooting a gun. The children didn't look scared, but almost comforted by the boy with the gun. There were still boys around these children who were still shooting theses "toy" guns at each other, and laughing. There was a boy in the middle who placed a bomb on the floor, I didn't have anywhere to run that would be far enough away from the bomb so I took shelter against a wall. When the bomb went off, I saw the rippling in the tile floor from the explosion and the pressure from the explosion hit me and through me into the wall. At first I thought I was fine, and then I felt my skin melting off my back and my face and eventually the rest of my body, and then I died.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION: I haven't been feeling too well all week due to the flu. I started having problems swallowing and talking, so my dad took the day off work to take me too the doctor to get some medication for myself. Before and after the doctor, all my dad did was yell at me and make me feel bad about myself. Later that night, my symptoms started getting worse so we called the doctor and they told me to go to the hospital. 4 hours had passed and my dad had enough with waiting there. He asked me if I was really sick, and started questioning if I was actually sick. Hardly being able to reply, I said "yes, I am really that sick" he kept arguing with me and eventually got up and went home.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : An orphanage is such a good symbol for your situation. A father who doesn't seem to care about his child's illness is just as bad as being an orphan. The rest of the dream captures the confrontational atmosphere with your father.

Try to see how the dream deals with themes of anger, confrontation and neglect. We can therefore guess that the dream captures this thought process "My father simply didn't care that I was ill. He was confrontational and angry."

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