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Falling from great height dream

A dream where the dreamer was suspended from a ceiling and feared the drop occurred the night after a major confrontation. The dreamer was petrified to bump into this woman, whom he feared may cause a scene, and so the drop was a symbol for the danger to come.

DREAM - Falling from great height! I was falling from the ceiling in a big building. I realised I was in for a big drop. I looked for something to break my fall. I knew It was going to hurt. I was looking to land on a cupboard or something... I wanted a safe landing

This dream was posted on on the March 5, 2012, 07:01 by Skelly. It was viewed 85 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I was approached by someone who has continually clashed with me. She confronted me and said that I had been talking about her. I had been talking about her but everyone talks about her because she is weird and freaky. I hate confrontation. I was worried that worse was to come and was scared to meet her.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : If you have only been thinking about one thing the day before then any dream will surely be about that situation. Its possible to reverse engineer the dream. You can tell how your mind stores and represents key intuitions.

Your 'looking for a safe landing' - that's an easy metaphor to understand - you are wanting a confrontational situation to be resolved.. so we can see that the mind stores this thought "I want this confrontational situation sorted out" - as a falling from ceiling dream hoping for a safe landing.

In one sense the dreamer had been left hanging, like in the dream. The emotions he was feeling in the dream were "I am just hanging here. I am going to fall. The worst thing is waiting for the pain that will surely come." This is an excellent metaphor for these feelings "I had this argument with her. The worst thing about it is thinking how she will react the next time I see her."

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