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Territorial dogs - dream analysis

THE DREAM I was walking towards a beach. I got down there OK and started back. On my way back I tried to avoid a family who were having fun. They seemed a bit rowdy but they were just having fun. I went in a different direction. I ended up going up this steep path. There was a wild dog nearby, and I had to avoid that. Then I had to put my hand on a rail where the bitch dog was. They were quite territorial and I was very nervous.

Later I was back home. I was just sorting my things out. I can be a bit odd and secretive in my own ways. I felt nervous when my parents came past. I thought they were spying on me. My father seemed to be especially keeping me under surveillance. I felt that they were hostile and I was worried that they were watching me.

REAL LIFE The dreamer was aware that his neighbours did not like him. They were fun loving people and he was quite secretive and eccentric in his ways. He felt that they were spying on him and were complaining about everything that he did, so he was feeling very self conscious about anything that he did. He had lived there for some time and his neighbours were quite new but he felt they were taking over and dictating things. He felt like he could not trust his neighbour and thought that he was intent on causing him trouble.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream features two themes: "feeling watched" and "avoiding people" both of which were relevant in the dreamers life at the time. He particularly felt like he was being watched as his neighbour was complaining about anything and everything. He felt as if his neighbour had it in for him and was determined to cause him trouble. A feeling of being spied upon often accompanies situations where we feel we cannot trust someone at all.

The dream also features the dreamer behaving in ways which others considered as odd and eccentric. The dreamer felt that he was not that bad and that his neighbour did not like him because he was not a very sociable person. Yet the dreamer felt that this was not a crime and if he didn't like people then it was his business. Overall then dreamer felt that he was being picked on by his neighbour because he was a little different.

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