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Exploding buildings in Israel dream

Look at how dreams relate to reality. This dream features a man who stares at the dreamer and says nothing. This reminded the dreamer of her husbands reaction the night before as the dreamers mother had criticised him unjustly.

THE DREAM My dream starts in that I was watching all the buildings in Jerusalem explode, implode, and collapse - but from afar. Not sure if they were being bombed from the air, missile attack from nearby or if they were exploding from within. I knew where I was located was semi-dangerous, but I also knew I wasn't in any danger of getting hurt. I was on a hotel rooftop somewhere close by the action.

Next scene is a long line of weary people trudging down a spiral stone staircase (still in Jerusalem) I look over the edge and see another rooftop of various wounded people but especially remember seeing an unfamiliar man lying on his stomach with shrapnel in his left thigh, who then caught and held my stare and said nothing. Then I remember seeing a dog (a boxer or a pug) winding his way through the walking feet and legs of the people on the staircase. I watched him lap water out of a bowl of miso soup with green onions floating and green leafy vegetables hanging off the side.

Next scene - I am in a highly decorated hotel lobby (red plush carpet, slick marble walls, elevator with gold doors, gold trim like a frame of a painting) standing in front of an elevator, waiting for it to arrive. there are random people in the lobby but no one stands out or speaks to me. It was as if I was standing in an invisible cloud - detached from the scene but part of it at the same time. Apparently the elevator arrives at the rooftop and I see all the destruction from above the city.

THE REALITY The dreamer had a particularly upsetting day prior to this dream. Her mother was taken into hospital with a suspected heart attack. No evidence of this was found so she was immediately discharged. The dreamers husband is Israeli by birth and was due to jet off for a friends wedding back in Israel. The dreamers mother started an argument which resulted in a lot of bad feeling. The dreamers husband hardly spoke that night and his sullen mood continued into the next day. He had intended to make a meal to celebrate his mother in laws release from hospital. This plan was scrapped. The dreamers mother has a real tendency to be very nasty when ill.

THE INTERPRETATION If an argument has just occurred it is almost sure to be the cause of any dreams the next night. This dreamer reported a "Doozy of an argument" the night before. Immediately after the dream the dreamer checked on the internet to see if buildings had actually collapsed in Israel. But this dream was of course symbolic.

Dreams use associations. The dreamers husband was Israeli and this association obviously links the dream to him. He had been particularly sullen and quiet as a result of the argument. The dream featured a sullen type look as the man held the dreamers stare and said nothing. This merely repeats what happens in reality while not obviously referring to it. That is typical of dreams.

The wounded people refer to the hurt feelings of the husband and the destruction in the dream symbolises the destruction within the dreamers family which resulted from the argument.

The soup perhaps is a symbol for the meal that was cancelled - replaced by a simple snack. The Miso soup may even be a poor play on words with "Miso" standing for Miserable.

A dog is a faithful ally - loyal in every way. This represents the husband who was blameless in this even offering to cook a special meal.

Dream dictionary Meanings
DOG:"Always faithful and loyal and blameless - just as the husband in real life "
HELD MY STARE:"The husband was a similarly silent and sullen looking figure the day before"
ISRAEL:"The dreamers husband was Israeli - his trip to a friends wedding was destroyed because of this argument "
MISO SOUP:"A special meal was cancelled - the soup represents what replaced this"
WOUNDED:"The husbands wounded feelings"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "This argument really hit my husband hard. He was even going to cook a special meal. My mother caused this - she can be really nasty when she is ill"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to capture the dreamers thoughts about her husband after this argument

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