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Children I used to babysit dream

The day before the dreamer had been thinking about a woman who he was involved in a work project with. He wished to do much more but was starting to realise that she was held back by her responsibilities as she had several children. Clearly this "babysitting" dream links to similar themes

THE DREAM - I was with two children that I used to babysit. There was a woman in the dream who I know well. I had just found out that she had moved house. I asked the children where she had moved too. They said something that I could not understand. She had moved to *** street.

THE REALITY The dreamer was involved in a joint project with the woman who appeared in the dream. The previous day he had been thinking how she could do so much more with this project. But he was also realising that she had children and so her time was limited because of that. That previous day he had tried to catch her to talk to her but she had not turned up. He also realised that there was a lot more that he could do.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams often link to new thoughts and insights into life in general. Try looking at new thoughts in your head and seeing how the dream plays out these thoughts. The previous day the dreamer had been thinking about the woman in the dream. Partly he was thinking how she could really put a lot more effort into a joint project that they were involved in. Yet he also realised that she was unable to put as much energy and time into this project on account of her commitment to her children. The dream clearly does link to this thought.

In the dream its the dreamer who has the commitment to the children. He is looking after two children. The dream therefore portrays the conceptual thought "If I had to look after children then things would not be as easy". He is therefore placing himself in her position.

In the dream the woman has moved. He therefore had fallen out of touch with her. In real life he had tried to meet her but she was not where she was usually. The dream kind of plays out this thought.

So the dream touches on some new conceptual insights into the woman in the dream. Dreams do this. They link to new ideas and insights.

Symbolic Meanings
BABYSIT : "In the dream its the dreamer who has a commitment to children. Forcing him to recognise the commitment the woman has towards her own children."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Yesterday I was thinking how she really doesn't put the effort into this project. But Then I kind of realised that she does have children. It does really limit what you can do."

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into the dreamers thoughts about the woman in the dream

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