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Poison food dream analysis

Dreams are like short plays which often play out key feelings from the day before. The day before this dream the dreamer had met her sister who was trying to be friendly by offering food but did not realise that much of this food was like poison as she had an eating disorder.


Monday, September 03, 2012

This is a summary of a long dream that seemed to go over several episodes on the one night. I am just home from a weekend trip that was planned but very busy.

In the dream there was a lot of construction and deconstruction. An older aboriginal woman seemed to haunt me and I found she kept popping up and seemed to be keeping tabs on conversation's I was having with others even though I seemed to be alone with them when I had them. I was afraid of her because she seemed to be baiting me for a confrontation I did not want to engage in so I kept ducking and weaving. In our conversations innocent topics were actually leading questions I avoided answering.

In one of the conversations I answered her that it was all about getting the glucose titration correct when I avoided eating the glucose tablets she offered for medicinal reasons. Her medicine was poison to me and so I kept avoiding the food she was offering and she kept offering it in other ways.

In this dream there was water spilling through the resort I was staying in that featured white leather lounges and a steam train that ran up and down the stair wells even though there were no rails. At one point I tried to catch it but it was not going in my direction.

A key feature of the dream was flooded hallways with rushing ankle deep water with a foaming surface that concealed broken glass bottles underneath. I was really afraid of treading on broken glass and took great care to avoid it. I awoke still waiting for a train to come in but uncertain when and if it would ever arrive.


I visited my favorite sister on the weekend and caught up on news of my siblings that led me to feeling they are more and more like total strangers for me. I found their news distressing and upsetting because it confirmed that the things I consider important are definitely not on their agenda. While I get on with this sister well I noticed for the first time that her approach to food is the feeding part of my families issue with our collective eating disorder I am working on recovering from.

For me eating this weekend was really stressful as we were on the road and at the mercy of our feeders along the way. This was hard on me even though my sister had gone to great efforts to make it as easy for me as she possibly could considering I am diabetic. One of her love languages is to feed you so it was very difficult for her to restrict her offerings and I struggled with the desire to eat just so I could receive her love offering even though I know it would send my blood sugar levels off the dial. We managed well regardless and accepted this was our best.

At the same time we went to a music event we performed at and it went well but was very stressful with some of our hopes left unrealized because the opportunity for them to be realized did not come. For me that was the runaway train we tried to catch in this dream.

I was with my husband for this event and we were meeting people we have never met before. This was exciting but fraught with danger in that they come from another country and our cultural norms are not the same. For me that is the fear of stepping on broken glass in the dream. I was very careful to avoid it.

For me water is so often associated with emotion so I was flooded with emotion this weekend. Overall I managed well and kept my blood sugars under control. That is why I called this dream Getting The Titration's Correct - it is the titration for my blood sugar that was my biggest worry this weekend. I see my GP on Tuesday so that has been on my mind.

Posted at September 2, 2012, 22:07 by Iceberg rose (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED September 3, 2012, 02: 1: 08)
Hi Dianne

Dreams will often ignore most parts of an event and pick up on a key point. A dream will often interpret peoples behaviour - behaviour which is quite complex. In this case your sister means well feeding you - but that's misplaced because of your diabetes.

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