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Dream - climb cliff

THE DREAM - I had done some cliff climbing and was laid down on the top of the cliff. Suddenly someone was fighting and I was in danger of falling over the cliff. I tried to scream and warn him of the danger to me and him. Eventually he was off me. I then was looking at this cliff. I had climbed it the simple way and now I was thinking how I could climb it the difficult way.

THE REALITY The dreamer was suffering extreme stress. He had no one to talk to about it and was hiding just how bad it was. He had to organise something very quickly or he would be in deep trouble. He was throwing everything into it. He was trying to work at a pace and organise everything. He was thinking how to approach these tasks in the most efficient way. He was also trying to do as thorough job as possible and was making sure everything was covered. This made the task more difficult.

THE INTERPRETATION If you are facing difficulties in real life then your dreams will involve a similar level of problems. They maybe different problems but they will feature the same level of stress and hardship. So the fear of being dragged over a cliff was a symbol for the dreamers extreme work stress at the time.

The dream also involves the dreamer having conquered the mountain once and then planning a second climb. This time it would be a climb of the most difficult route. In real life the dreamer had kind of organised his tasks. Yet now he wanted to do a more thorough job. So actually the dream captures quite a complex feeling like "I have managed to organise everything. But now I am realising that I could do it so much better so I will have to aim even higher."

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