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Dream - unintelligible drunken crow

The night before this dream the dreamer had got drunk and so surely when he talks unintelligibly in this dream this is a symbol for that drunken night. The dream was probably a recognition of how drunk he was or linked to some thoughts about why he got drunk.

THE DREAM There was a drunken, talking crow at my front porch. In my dream I was stroking its back to reassure it that it would be OK after the effects of the alcohol wore off. It kept talking unintelligibly for some time and bobbing back and forth but not trying to get away from me.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had drunk a little too much wine reminiscing about relationships-past.

THE INTERPRETATION Many dreams link to the previous evening and events that have just happened. We often dream about the previous day because its the first chance our minds have to really think over events

This dream probably has little real meaning as it just replays certain portions of the events. The unintelligible conversation of the crow mirrors the dreamers recognition of his own behavior. We often review how we have just behaved and this dream shows that the dreamer recognises his own actions the day before. The stroking of the crows back perhaps shows that the dreamer recognises his own need to get some feelings about his ex out into the open. He needed to vent his frustrations.

Symbolic Meanings
UNINTELLIGIBLE : "The dreamer recognises how he was talking a little unintelligibly the night before."
DRUNK : "The dreamer was drunk the night before so the dream probably says something about his behaviour or the behaviour of others whilst drunk."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I got a little drunk last night talking about my ex. "

See how the dreams symbols capture some thoughts the dreamer had about his behavior. Maybe the dream links to a question like "am I still drunk from last night" as the dream features the theme of alcohol waring off.

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