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Dream symbolism - steal from tutor

THE DREAM I was at my workplace. There was a college tutor there from a few years ago. I stole a dollar which had been left on the table. I thought they wouldn't notice

THE REALITY The dreamers job was not particularly impressive. He did well at college and the day before the dream he had been looking over some of the work he did at college and was thinking how talented he was and how his tutors never saw this. He wanted people to recognise his ability more.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream featured the dreamers old college tutor. The dreamer had been thinking about his college work the night before and was looking through his old projects. It was a nostalgic look back at how well he had done. The link between these two things makes the dreams topic understood totally - it was about the dreamers current feelings about his college work.

Recently the dreamer had been feeling undervalued. Money can link to value and self worth. The dreamer had been thinking and fantasizing about how well he could do if given the chance.

Dream Symbolism
COLLEGE TUTOR : "this links the dream with the real life thoughts about college from the previous night"
STEAL : "wanting to be recognised as talented and impressive"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was looking over my old college projects and thinking how well I did. I just want people to see how much talent I really have. "

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