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Four brothers - dream analysis

In real life this dreamer was dating several men so when lots of men appear in her dream then we might link this to various issues surrounding dating different men.

THE DREAM I was walking through forest and marshes, with a group of people. We all know each other. I wasn't sure how. We reached a house and it is their family holiday home. I discover when I arrive the group is made up of my self, 4 brothers and their father. I am not related to these people. I do not know any of these people in real life. I was not sure what my relationship with them was other than friendship, but in the dream I am friends with them all but the youngest brother, who had been away in the army for the last 2 years, the amount of time I have known the family.

The youngest brother seemed some what put out at my presence on this family holiday and also that I and one of his older brothers were lounging on the couch where he usually takes naps.

I asked if I could make a phone call and the father informed me all his sons had phones in their rooms and I would have to ask one of them if I could use one of them.

GUESSWORK For the previous month the dreamer had been seeing a man. It was supposed to just be a sex thing but they became quite close. However, he was not ready to do a full on relationship. The dreamer had become quite fond of him. To ease her discomfort and try to reduce her emotional attachment she joined an online dating site a few days previously. The previous night she had a date with a man from this website. It went quite well and she went to bed feeling quite conflicted emotionally about her lover and the possibility of dating this new man. She was wondering how she might tell this new man that she is seeing some one else.

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1. The dream features several men. It could relate to how the woman sees men. Specifically this could represent a choice of men in real life.
2. The dream features the mens bedrooms. Therefore this could relate to sexual issues.
3. The dream features a holiday home. Maybe that's a link to relaxation.
4. The dream features a family. The dreamer does not know this family in real life. Yet these people are all related to each other. So therefore each of these brothers has a relationship with each other. That maybe signifies the dreamers real life situation. She was dating several men and was wondering how they would relate to each other.
5. Phones relate to communication. The dreamers communication with men perhaps?

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers relationship with two men. The dream deals with the following themes
- How the various men relate to each other
- How the dreamer relates to the various men in her life.
- The dreamers communication with men

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"I have formed this new relationship. But how do I tell him about this other relationship. It's tricky telling two men that I am seeing other men."

Notice how the dreamer would have to go into the brothers bedrooms if she was to use the phones. So any intimate conversations would presumably be heard by the brothers.

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