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Eerie feeling - dream analysis

A dream about an eerie presence took place the day after the dreamer had gone to the police about a man who was harassing him. The eerie presence was a symbol of his fear of this creepy man

THE DREAM I was annoyed at a cat which was messing in my garden. I hit it hard and felt guilty about it. Then I was upstairs and I felt this really eerie presence. I felt as if there was someone inside my house.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently been abused by a man in a park. He was just minding his own business when this man shouted at him. This had happened before elsewhere. The day before this dream he went to the police about it.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If something big happens the day before then it can certainly cause dreams. If the incident is big enough you can assume that any dreams will be about this one incident. Its easy to see how this dream could represent the dreamers feelings.

The cat would represent the dreamers annoyance. He was annoyed about the cats in the same way that he was annoyed about the man abusing him. The eerie feeling and presence would symbolize how the man had really got to him.

The interesting part of the dream is about the feelings of guilt. This probably gives away the dreams meaning. When we go to the police we are very much thinking about our actions. We ask ourselves little questions. Are we justified? Have we over reacted? The dreamer had pondered these questions whilst talking with a friend the previous day. The police had also made the dreamer feel justified in making a complaint.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
CAT : The cat annoys the dreamer in the same way as the man annoyed him in real life.
GUILTY : This theme of "feeling guilty" had relevance to real life as the dreamer might have felt guilty for reporting someone to the police. It links to thoughts like "did I over react?"
EERIE : "The abuse the dreamer received was a real intrusion. It really got to him. In the same way a ghostly presence would."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "This man was shouting at me across a park recently. Yesterday I went to the police about it. I was just minding my own business. I feel really justified in this. He will get cautioned. I know it will hit him hard but I do not feel any guilt for doing this. If he does it again he will get banged up."

At one point the dreamer feels guilty for hitting the cat too hard. Yet later in the dream he feels this eerie presence. Perhaps this shows that the old man's eerie and creepy behaviour affected him more than his feelings of guilt for possibly over reacting. It catches the thought "I should not feel guilty as he is really creepy and needs sorting out."

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