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Dream symbols - embarrassed at school

If we get very annoyed the previous day then we might have a dream which reminds us of that. Very often dreams help us get over these irritations. They may help us put things in perspective. They may help us draw back from the brink. Either way you might wake up from a very stressful day the day before and have totally forgotten everything.

THE DREAM I am in a school. I get up to leave the class and suddenly something very embarrassing happens. I act in a way that I tend to when nervous. When I woke up I thought of a guy who had been irritating me the previous day.

THE REALITY At work the dreamer occasionally sees a man whom really annoys him. He is rude and the day before he acted in an especially obnoxious way. The dreamer kept thinking all day about what he would like to do to this man. How he would like to humiliate him with some clever "put down" or to tell him exactly what he thought of him.

THE INTERPRETATION Often people "get to us" in real life. They act in a very obnoxious way and we cannot get them out of our minds. Often we may dream about the incident. The dream will help to calm our minds down. Certainly we often go to sleep and wake up to find some issue we cannot get out of our minds has magically disappeared.

This dreamer wanted to humiliate the person who had been rude to him. He wanted to draw attention to the persons weaknesses and embarrassing faults. This dream drew attention to his own embarrassing faults. So perhaps the message is that he needs to cool down and not resort to such extreme tactics. The dreamer knew this all along but sometimes we get carried away by the feelings of the moment. Behaving in a childish way by trying to humiliate others and exploit their weaknesses will only result in the same being done back to ourselves.

The dreamer knew very well that this man he disliked had a tendency to behave in an obnoxious way to many people. Then fault was clearly his and getting drawn into his world would only result in being dragged down to his petty level.

Symbolic Meanings
SCHOOL : "A lesson in life that we have learnt usually from the day before we have to learn how to behave in trying circumstances"

DREAM MEANING The captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I got really annoyed by this guy who really irritates me yesterday. I want to really humiliate him because he is basically a petty individual. But I have got to resist the temptation. It may backfire and I might make a fool of myself."

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