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Dream - enormous cost and hardship

THE DREAM - I was with Pete. I used to work with him. (I have always been very bitter towards him because I got fired from a job I loved. I consider him an enemy). I was walking up town with him. I seemed to be getting on well with him, which is unusual because normally I would not even talk to him. I was saying that "I suppose there is no cost at all" or "I suppose everything OK with you" but he flatly denied this. He seemed to be saying that things had been very very difficult. There had been an enormous cost. He said it in a voice which hinted at great hardship. It sounded like some terrible war had taken place and everyone was now traumatised. It was a very eerie response.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had walked past his old workplace and was talking to someone who was saying that things had changed a lot. He heard rumours that there had been lots of job losses. He had always been very bitter about losing his job there. Hearing about others losing jobs helped to soften his great resentment.

THE INTERPRETATION Quite often we get dreams which seem to make no sense. In this dream the dreamer was talking to someone he actively hated and who he blamed for his dismissal. In the dream he did not feel his usual hatred. Instead he was talking in an "it's all forgotten" kind of way.

Dreams can push you in a new direction. They help you sort out strong emotions. Often we wake up and something which was upsetting us the day before is now forgotten.

Previously the dreamer had always hated his old work colleagues because he had lost his job and they all carried on as if nothing had happened. Now he was starting to see that they might be facing great hardship and lose their jobs. The reasons that caused his great bitterness were now gone as his old enemies now faced the same fate as himself.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I walked past my old workplace yesterday and someone told me that there have been rumours of lots of job losses. I was very bitter when I lost my job. I still feel bitter but I have heard that there have been many job losses and great hardship. It is helping me soften my bitter emotions out."

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