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Accusing woman dream

A dream about the police took place the day after the dreamer felt she was being heavily questioned by her family - normally something we associate with police interrogation.

THE DREAM In this dream I was driving on a 6 lane highway passed the police with the red light camera. I was focussed on the police wondering why they were there and did not see the dirt road block constructed across the highway till I got to it and stopped the car.

I wanted to know how long the road would be blocked and my investigation indicated it was a permanent block. I had to go on foot now.

Climbing over the road block I noticed a lot of people had made temporary homes in the block and I found a ladies prayer group I belonged to in a room nearby. Entering the room a new lady with black curly hair was there and was soon accusing me of having a demon. I found her accusations disturbing and confronted her saying - "You are new to this group it is you who have the demon!"

She hid herself among the clothing and I dove into the clothing unravelling the bindings she had made from them till I found her and hugged her close to my breast rocking her like a child saying "You are so so angry - I can feel it." I could also sense her wildness and wondered how to help her feel safe.

She struggled and ran away. I followed her and found her defecating near a wall. I was embarrassed on her account and turned away to give her privacy and help her develop her sense of self respect. By now the authorities were onto her and soon contained her.

As they dragged her away I protested saying "She is OK - just give her space and she will be calm." but they knew best and took her away as I looked on sadly knowing they had made a mistake about her. The angry lady was trapped in the system that also excluded me from connecting with her.

The dream closed with me knowing there are things I cannot change even though I am sad I can't. Where there is no insight by those in authority - just rules to live by - the disturbed soul is trapped by the system even if I understand there is another way. No one can hear what I know.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I had an unexpected visit from my estranged sister and her husband yesterday. I felt I was undergoing a kind of benevolent inquisition and I didn't trust the process. They had given my less than two hours notice of their arrival and came when they were sure my husband was not home. I felt I was being checked on and I am now still no wiser as to the reason for this unexpected visit.

I e-mailed my husband at work requesting prayer support saying I didn't think murder was a good idea today as the blood would spoil the look of the carpet. He emailed back his humorous supportive quips and I got through it.

A few years back I got extremely angry with this sister at a family gathering in my mothers home. I had a sudden and intense desire to stab her and my other sister with the knife I had in my hand at the time. In an instant I made a snap decision - I put the knife down and walked out of the house just to get away. I had no shoes on and no keys to get into my own home so I had to wait on the back door steps till my husband got home as my handbag was still at my mothers home.

Last year this sister rang me saying she was never visiting my home again and I just accepted it with some relief actually. This unexpected visit yesterday was not in line with what she had said she was going to do and I have a hunch she brought her husband with her as a protector / police presence.

Am I angry now - yes I am. I don't like playing happy families in my own home on their terms and that is what I feel happened yesterday. I was invaded, interrogated and my brother in law was the police guard protecting my sisters interests at my expense if necessary.

I remained calm and emailed my husband when they left to advise blood had not been spilled so I got through it. For me this dream is telling me that for me the roadblock between me and my sister is permanent. I have no desire to press for its removal as I am more concerned for my mad angry self who was taken away by those in authority in the dream. That accusing woman is an aspect of myself that is precious to me. I know her behaviour is antisocial when she feels threatened but I also know she has good reasons to be angry and upset.

This was a good dream. It showed me I have good control over this behaviour now and I have insight into it. My sister and her husband are the authority who took the angry woman away and she has no insight as to why. I know how to get this aspect of myself back and she knows I care for her and will protect her next time we both come under threat. I am OK now.

I am posting here in my safe place so that this truth is in the real world and not stuck going round and round in my head. Till next time. The end.

Posted at April 10, 2012, 15:02 by iceberg rose

Unclesirbobby (POSTED April 10, 2012, 16: 2: 03)
Hi Dianne

You obviously know your own emotions best. Your right there is no point playing happy families if your heart is not in it. You were a little kidnapped by your sister just turning up.

You are accepting the situation as it is... or as it was. Its pointless to keep trying when there has been such failure in the past.

We are all individuals and we all have the right to make our own choices. You know yourself best. You may seem illogical to others. But its your life and your emotions.

Iceberg Rose (POSTED April 10, 2012, 19: 2: 31)
Thank you for your comments Unclesirbobby. I feel affirmed and understood and that helps my self confidence grow when it has been given a little shake up : )

I am OK and I am liking being OK inside my own skin.

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