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Dream interpretation - husband crosses river

THE DREAM I am anxiously following my husband down to a ferry. We are each riding a green bike with a broken chain. I am definitely in a "I cannot go back" frame of mind.

THE REALITY The previous day it was the dreamers 40th birthday. She was looking forward to some time alone with her husband. However, this did not prove possible during that day. It was a very busy day. The dreamer was accepted as a member of her church. Her children were also anxious for some attention that day. All three kids even piled into bed with them as they went to bed.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Bikes are often symbols of a very personal course. It shows that you want to follow a somewhat independent line. The dream involves both the dreamer and her husband. Many dreams link to feelings from the previous day. On that day the dreamer did have a wish to forge her own somewhat independent line. Since this was her birthday she wanted some time alone with her husband. This was really quite difficult all throughout the day and even at night time this independent mood and wish for some time alone with her husband was never really realised. The fact that the bikes were broken suggests that this independent mood within the dreamer was not realised which was the truth.

Ships are often symbols of emotional connection. They link to having a good time with friends or family. So docks will tend to link to a wish to have a good time with family or friends. In this case the dream means that the dreamer was preparing and planning for some time together with her husband. So the boat/ferry would link to the reaffirming of the close bond between them.

Symbolic Meanings
BIKE : "wanting to be by yourself - wanting to forge your own course"
HUSBAND : "unconscious thoughts about your husband"
RIVER(CROSS) : "wanting to overcome some tasks and responsibilities that you devote time to"
RIVER : "the energies you devote to something - in this case the dreamers general life"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "It was my fortieth birthday yesterday. I wanted to create some time for my husband. But lots happened yesterday. It was my one regret"

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