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Evil wart faced cackling hag - dream analysis

The person who had this dream asked themselves "who does the hag represent" and they quickly linked the dream to their interfering mother.

THE DREAM I dreamt I was on a spaceship with lots of humans on board with different level/floors but the levels were visible from any floor. These people(I believe last specimens of human race) would die if they touched a window, bench , panel, or another infected person. The dream didn't show the cause of death (bacteria, virus etc.) but there was one floor or level which was safe , for the time being and there were heaps of people filling up this room fast. The glass sliding doors were slowly closing together and I and a couple of others just made it through. This section was not affected by the virus however we were packed like sardines and I had an ominous feeling that something else was yet to unfold. This is when I woke up.

Immediately after this I fell asleep and dreamt I was doing housework (the dishes). I had 2 sparkling clean wine glasses in my hand when I noticed a figure in a nightie coming up the hallway. As it came closer to the kitchen it looked like my Mum and I was at first happy to see her though a little startled as she looked more like an apparition not a solid figure . I went to greet her and as I hugged her (did not feel her) she changed form from a short plump woman to a tall skinny wrinkly warted hag and she started cackling at me. I felt this woman's name was Pam, she seemed evil and I had the feeling she had killed my mother with a poisonous pill or that she was a friend who had betrayed her in some way. Either way the feeling I had was that my mother was dead.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer had been visiting his parents but came away upset that she had been treating him as a child. The dreamer was currently studying at college but was quite resentful at the plea's from his mother to "please study". The thought of a 42 year old man been told to study by his mother just "sends me off the deep. I felt suffocated and poisoned by their views of me to the point where I'm beating my head against a brick wall". In the dreamers eyes his mother died a long time ago along with his love and respect for her.

THE INTERPRETATION Well with this dream its very safe to make an assumption straight away linking this to reality. The dreamer had a very annoying incident that was bugging his mind from the day before and it really was eating away at him. So the gut reaction is to immediately link some real life situation with the dreams. If an incident is big enough and annoying enough then you are most likely to dream about it. So how exactly does the dream link to the real life incident?

Space is a symbol which deals with an inability to understand something. In this case it links to the dreamers inability to understand how his mother feels that she is still able to tell her son that he needs to study.

People are often a symbol of standards that we feel that need to be met. They link to behavior in general and what is acceptable and unacceptable. In that case the space people are symbolic of the standards of behavior that the dreamers mother feels are acceptable.

A virus is something that is unseen yet it clearly causes havoc and poisons things. So in this case the dreamer has clearly been affected by the real life incident. The relationship with his mother has been further poisoned.

The sardines are a good and strong symbol which clearly express the dreamers real life emotions. He feels suffocated just as sardines in a tin. Possibly the dreamer was trying to hold back in showing these emotions - trying to contain himself from exploding.

The second dream is very similar in the emotions it expresses. Going upstairs in dreams often shows that you are starting to reach a new level of understanding. New thoughts are emerging and you are coming to some new conclusions.

The kitchen is where we feed our mind. They are often the home of experiences which have been affecting us. The food we eat is symbolic of experiences that have fed and engaged our minds. Cleaning pots is symbolic of thinking through experiences that have just happened.

Perhaps the apparition reveals a very specific thought. It shows that something is not quite real. It may link to the feelings that his mother is not alive any more. His feelings for her are dead and all that remains is her physical body.

The old hag is clearly symbolic of the negative way in which he sees his mother. She has transformed into this hideous woman.

Symbolic Meanings
DEAD : "start of a new phase - see things in a new way"
INFECT : "one thought being affected by another - stress and tension"
NAME : "being able to name what something is that you want - very specific wishes"
PEOPLE : "the dreamers thoughts about what is acceptable behavior"
POISON : "spoiling something pure - the dreamers relationship with his mother is poisoned"
SARDINE : "feeling stifled"
SPACESHIP : "Something out of this world -the dreamer cannot understand how his mother would think she could act in this way - its unbelievable"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was at my parents yesterday. My mother told me to do my homework for my evening classes. I cannot believe that she thinks she can do that. I am in my thirties. Its so insulting. Its really poisoned my relationship with her"

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

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