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Dream interpretation - difficult climb

This dream uses very simple metaphors - "easy path" (a smooth road). Try to think how you would use such descriptions for the different choices available to you

THE DREAM I had a dream that I was climbing to some kind of stairs. And the stairs seemed like a pile of boxes piled together. Two men were trying to pull me up but it failed at last. The boxes were really shaking. I had no fear about that. Then I turned and walked to another path. The other path is a very smooth road.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been currently involved in a work project with the help of two men. She was experiencing difficulties and on the day of the dream she was experiencing extreme difficulties. She was clear in her mind though that if problems continued then she would leave her current career and do something else. This was clear in her mind both before and after the dream.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often it is difficult to see if a dream is a premonition. This dream fits as a premonition of the day ahead but equally it is applicable to the day before. The dream symbols clearly fit her current situation. She was receiving the help of two men in a work project so the dream would clearly link to the work situation. She was experiencing difficulties which could explain the climbing. Climbing links to a tough and demanding challenge. In the dream she was experiencing problems and that clearly linked to before the dream with difficulties in her work project. So the dream clearly fits all the emotions and feelings that she was experiencing at the time.

Yet on the day of the dream she encountered particular problems. All the symbols still fit her current situation. The truth is it is impossible to say in this case if the dream was a premonition of the day ahead or a reflection on the day before. The dream could clearly be a premonition of that day capturing the emotions on that day. Most premonitions come true on the very day of the dream.

One thing the dreamer did ask was why she experienced no fear. Well even though the dreamer was experiencing troubles she had a clear indication in her mind what she was going to do. Fears are generally about indecision and doubts. This woman had a clear idea in her mind what she would do if problems continued. She also stated that leaving her current career would also please her husband and children. So she was approaching the situation in a clear and rational way. If problems were to continue then she would leave. It was that simple.

Roads are symbolic of the dreamers progress through life. In the dream the dreamer veers signifying then willingness to change course and choose a new plan. So the smooth road symbolises the dreamers belief that an easy solution is always available.

Symbolic Meanings
CLIMB : "a tough effort - linking to the real life uphill struggle in the work project "
PATH : "represents the dreamers decision to leave if things did not get better"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been having problems with a work project. If things get worse then I think I will leave the job"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

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