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Secret service and military police - dream

A secret police dream took place as the dreamer had been especially secretive and guarded.

THE DREAM - I am in this university. I am having a conference in this room. I am asked to take a seat. I do but near the edge of the table not near too many people. I am wondering where the toilet is. It is upstairs. I think of going but do not. I mention that there are five people there for security - one from the military, one from the police, the secret service.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer met up with an old friend from college. It was an embarrassing moment as they were both showing each other what they had done. It was a case of outdoing each other. At the same moment an ex girlfriend was present. The dream captured many of the emotions from the dream. There was a sense of nervousness. The toilet is a symbol of frustration and the need to let go of bad emotions.

THE INTERPRETATION Security in dreams often deals with moments when you are on your guard. In this situation the dreamer was meeting an old college friend and it was in many ways a case of seeing who had done best in life. Initially the dreamer felt a little anxious and this probably represented his wanting to know where the toilet was. Toilets are often symbols of frustrations and bad emotions. In this case the toilet was upstairs. The upstairs often symbolises your imagination. That symbolised how this feeling of nervousness was purely in his imagination.

The situation was one where he felt on his guard and maybe felt lacking confidence in meeting an old friend from college. The security issues being on his guard for feelings of anxiety. However, once he realised that his friend was not trying to outdo him his anxiety about the situation was reduced.

Symbolic Meanings
MAN : "a situation where you feel pressured"
POLICE : " a feeling that he was under investigation "
SECURITY : "the dreamer was feeling under threat - and was very cautious about what he said to his old college friend because it would reveal how unsuccessful he had become"
TOILET : "The dreamer felt a real sense of embarrassment because he felt a failure compared to his successful college friend"
UPSTAIRS : "your imagination at work - your fears and worries"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I bumped into an old friend from college yesterday. I was a bit embarrassed because I do not think I have really made a success of my life. I felt embarrassed for a while but he was OK about things."

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