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Dream - huge building and intruders

Look for little word plays in dreams. In this dream there was a man called Patrick Ardent so inspect that word "ardent" very carefully with regards to your feelings.

THE DREAM - I am in some hotel or guest house. I am in the section which appears to be my flat. I am looking around and I seem to like it. There is some stairs which leads to a kitchen at the top. It has my bike in it.

The bedroom and living room are on the middle floor. Then there are some stairs which lead to the outside.

Suddenly the top door opens and two people - who appear to be afro Caribbean tourists - walk in and walk through my flat down to the outsides. I am quite shocked at this.

I investigate the downstairs and there appears to be a door which leads to the ground floor. That is the hotel section. I look at that. There is some food there. I am trying to search out for all the exits and entrances to my flat. I am disturbed that someone can walk in and through my flat.

I then go up the stairs. At one level there is a cafe. It appears to be some kind of sad cafe. There is someone who I think I know but cannot quite think who it is. His name is Patrick Ardent. He appears to be the cashier working on the till. At one stage I get stopped by the man who appears to be the owner of the hotel. He says is there anything I can do for you.

I am then on the top floor. I am coming down the stairs quite rapidly - as fast as I can. There are several people going down the stairs at the same time.

THE REALITY This dream represented the criticism of someone on the dreamer. He had been openly critical and very personal of the dreamer at a club they both visited. The person criticizing him was a new member who disliked how the dreamer liked to take over.

THE INTERPRETATION If something big happens on the day before the dream its often worth assuming that the dream is about that. You may make an initial analysis to see how the symbols fit with that topic. Here there was a subject that was likely to cause a dream. The dreamer had been personally criticised for his dominant role in the club he goes to. On further inspection the dream symbols do seem quite consistent.

The dream features some intruders. They walk straight through the dreamers apartment in a hotel. Intruders in this sense represent the way that the dreamer feels personally criticised for the way he behaves in the club. Perhaps the tourists also symbolise an element of real life. They symbolise the person criticizing the dreamer. The dreamer felt that this new guy at the club was probably not likely to stick around(hence a tourist). The dreamer also seems to have an apartment in this hotel. That's also symbolic of real life in that the dreamer is a member of this real life club but also is making this his home. He in other words feels at home he and acts like its a second home.

Food in dreams can often symbolise interest and the ability to get people interested in what you say. In this case food appears twice in this dream. Perhaps the upstairs "sad cafe" represents the dreamers reflections on his own behavior. No one is in the cafe. This shows that the dreamer is listening and reflecting on what has been said to him - that he tries to take over and that what he says is really not that interesting.

So underlying the dream is the fact that the dreamer is assessing what someone said to him and maybe altering his own behavior. He does take a dominant role in the club but should perhaps tone things down. So perhaps he should try to alter his behavior and act like he owns the place.

Symbolic Meanings
ARDENT : "a wordplay - very vociferous and determined. "
BED : "something affects you very personally"
CAFE : "trying to interest people in what you say"
INTRUDER : "the dreamer feels very personally criticised"
OWNER : "the dreamer does not own the club he is merely a guest like everyone else and should not act like he does own the club"
SHOCK : "the dreamer shocked at the personal criticism"
TOP FLOOR : "commanding and confident"
TOURIST : "the dreamer is criticised by someone who is not likely to be there for long - he is paying a temporary visit then will probably go"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I got criticised by the new member at the club yesterday. It was very personal criticism. I do not think anyone seriously listened to him but still I want to appear less arrogant."

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