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Low flying dream

Most dreams will be about personal issues not national events. But a major financial crisis affects us all and will set our imaginations flying.


Saturday, August 06, 2011

This dream started with me looking down from a high vantage point into the inside of a large municipal building. There were huge meter wide cauldrons of fireworks dispensers set out in a coloured design that looked like the flag of the USA. It was hard to tell exactly because of all the smoke they were creating when they were fired.

and the noise they created, it was frightening.

In this dream I spent a lot of time here and I tried hard to look down onto the floor but I was afraid. The fireworks exploding loudly below were loud and deafening even though it seemed they were using the set up common for the launch of NFL football games. This meant they were set up within defined and safe tolerances.

Even so I still felt they may fire up into my face. I kept asking myself if I was in a safe place or out of bounds. I wasn't sure.

Nearby among the rafters I noticed a film crew of young men working. They had the latest in technology for portable cameras and a new style of light that illuminated the fireworks display below to make it appear super real on the screen. As I watched them work I was frightened by the risks they seemed to be taking from my point of view.

The risks they took running along the running boards set up to get the shots left me feeling frozen with fear. I had to talk myself into moving.

Watching the young people helped me find the courage to move and I eventually moved to a safer area where there were food stalls set up for the festivities. The young people gave me food and were exuberant and full of fun, offering me the fun food they had and laughing all the time. I enjoyed eating it.

The scene moved from here and I followed the action and discovered a grassy knoll on top of this building that made it look like a park. The people here were moving with purpose and in military uniforms. I was hastened onto a helicopter and flown over the scene below. I felt safe up here.

After the first passover they told me that was the test run. I had to lower myself onto the front running boards and suspend myself in a specially designed harness underneath the helicopter so that I had a sense of flying without being able to see the helicopter behind me. It was scary at first but the power of the helicopter behind me propelled me forward at exhilarating speed.

My legs were swinging underneath me and I was moving them of my own free will in a gesture of running over the tops of the roofs.

The joy I felt emboldened me and the guys in charge of the helicopter were flying with skill so close to the buildings I was able to tap my feet down on the roof tops. As this dream closed I was feeling confident that allowing myself to be strapped into this project had been worth my while. I enjoyed this low flying manoeuvre immensely.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION In the last few days the American congress has been discussing their national debt crisis. In the last 24 hours the global stock markets have tumbled at an alarming rate and billions have been written off stock values.

That's the fireworks display in my dream captured for the big screen by camera crews and broadcast in frightening reality on the nightly news.

This is the global context of my life as a citizen of the world and my dream shows how I see myself in that context.

In my own life I have been working with younger people and some of their work practices have frightened me. They are very casual about things that worry me.

The project I am working on has a national momentum to it and I am just one person in a whole work team that is run like a military operation. I have learned that being strapped into the systems enables the drivers of this operation to fly me over the workload so quickly and so skilfully I can tap my feet on the rooftops and not be injured. It's been exhilarating for me if scary at first sight.

When I woke up I noticed I ate food in this dream. This is not something I usually do in dreams. Often food is about but I don't eat it. This time I did.

For me food and my emotions are tightly linked in my awake life. So my eating in this dream is the most important dream clue for me about how I am feeling about my own life now. I am now able to integrate life events around me. For a long time I was not able to.

It seems to me this dream was telling me these events in my real life have been emotionally satisfying to me even if I have felt alarmed by some of them. I find this dream a very positive one for me because it tells me I can cope with low flying now and not totally loose the plot and become frozen with fear like I have in my past.

This dream is an affirmation to myself that I am OK now and I like that.

Posted at August 5, 2011, 20:05 by iceberg rose

Unclesirbobby (POSTED August 6, 2011, 02: 6: 04) You mention the debt crisis. Do you think the dream is about that. I think its totally possible to have a dream about something so non personal. That's because it is personal. The US economy faltered then that would affect you. Put it this way - the stock market crash of the 1920's was a political and global situation which we would not think would trigger a dream. But it was also a massive tragedy for millions. Some people took their own lives after the stock crash. So I am sure it is possible to dream about such issues.

In fact I believe we dream about the thoughts in our head. They will not just be about emotional issues but important political issues.

Iceberg rose (POSTED August 6, 2011, 05: 6: 06) This dream has two clear parts to it.

One part is what I call the detritus of the everyday for me and that is definitely the stock market stuff. So I do think the dream is about the stock market.

The second part is about my work. In my write up of this dream I did not mention I was singing in this dream. Especially when I was flying across the roof tops suspended under the helicopter.

In my real life I process things emotionally and its not hard for me to be overwhelmed. My dreams create stories that describe to me how I am feeling so that I can use my logic to see myself from outside me. Once I see myself in context I can then make active decisions that take into account my feelings in my awake life.

I have been doing this now by choice since I was in my twenties.

I do have periods where my dreams are fleeting and not very important. I don't bother to work on them too much.

This dream is very detailed so it is telling me what is strongly triggering my emotions in my awake life. Once I see the associations I feel OK and I don't get frozen in fear. I know where I am located in my ocean of emotion that is a reality for me.

In our house we have been talking about what do the average people believe is going to happen globally because I believe what people believe is going to happen is what will happen - not what logically should happen.

I believe the average person is not so confident in the capitalist system and their lack of faith on its own is enough to create what people believe reality is. Logic does not come into it.

In our real world moving from one period of stability to another one is marked by a short period of rapid transition from one state to the next.

This happens in nature as well. Look at recent earthquake events, volcanoes and tsunamis. Rapid change then its back to rebuilding what we all see as normal.

In me my emotions work like that - they are stable in one state - then an event causes a rapid change in them and its back to the new stable state post the event.

My dream shows me I am currently equipped to make the rapid emotional adjustments needed in the current emotional climate I am dealing with.

I believe some of this climate is being communicated in a super real way by the the news. Most people do not give enough credit to the collective emotional environment we find ourselves in and hence are swept up by the emotional currents they create.

It's my dreams that help me negotiate my own emotional world. They help me identify how the emotional world I am sharing with others impacts me.

Call me mad if you like - this is how I stay sane. It works for me.

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