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Cave man dream

THE DREAM I was dreaming that I was looking in on a black man in a cave. He was busy cutting open small black animals and using the fur to make a coat. He was very proud of all the furs that he collected and was turning the furs inside out and washing the blood from them and kneading them to become soft and clean. He was especially proud of one white little fur that he treasured with care. Once all the furs were clean and soft he started to make this beautiful fur coat all black accept one small white piece of fur on the back. This coat was very-very big.

I then see this man walk out the cave very proud of himself showing off his fur coat to the world, very sleek and self-poised.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Went for drinks last night with two friends one is my best friend she is a white female the other was a black man that we know from collage. I myself am a white male. My girlfriend and I have been friends for some time and are very close. A pure platonic friendship and we value this and that is why we are so close. We are in college and we are the only white single people out of seven white people and a total of 110 students the rest (103 are all black) men and women.

So we have a couple of beers and my girlfriend starts flirting with this guy as she does but that is all. He however has this rap and I know that he would try anything to get her to sleep with him. I am not one to interfere but I am the driver so I make sure I drop him of first. This way I am protecting her I suppose. However when he gets out the car he tells me "close your mouth"?. What does this mean, "close your mouth"?? Is he threatening me, is he telling me I must not tell anybody or is he saying don't tell her of my past. I am confused and annoyed with this situation. My girlfriend is old enough to look out for herself, I am not a threat to anybody that would like to pursue her but she is my friend and we live in this culture where he would be the hero if he were to bed a white female and she would get a bad rap as I do not know him well enough to know what he would say.

So I wake up at 3am this morning with this dream of this black man in a fur coat with a white patch. I am sure I know the obvious. However is this a forewarning/premonition and should I tell her. Because I do not think this dream is for me but for her.

Posted at May 5, 2012, 06:06 by onedream (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED May 7, 2012, 02: 1: 20)

Well my guess is that this is not a premonition. I think you know exactly how this guy is thinking so you want to warn your friend.

I would not know what to make of what this guy said - close your mouth could be interpreted in two different ways. Either way its still confrontational. That alone will cause you to dream - and the dream is symbolic of how you feel his mind works. Its in a cave and seems very animalistic... its all a metaphor for his mind at its worst. But it could be a lot worse. Its basically saying that he wants what he wants and if he had sex with her it would be for all the wrong reasons. Your mind already knows that so I would guess its not a premonition. Because your mind is in warning mode anyway.

As to the question about telling her - I am not sure. The dream certainly says that you want to tell her and feel as if you have reason to tell her. But you also say that she can look after herself. Maybe a subtle word would be OK.

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