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Shark tank dream

THE DREAM Shark tank. I was looking at this shark tank in a house. I was not scared of the shark - I could see it but it could not get to me. It kept bumping its head against the tank. It was not that big anyway.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Someone who the dreamer had been trying to avoid started working at the dreamers workplace. He hated being around this person as they had fallen out. Just being in the same building upset him as he felt that she had betrayed him. Luckily she was working in a completely different section so he could easily avoid her.

DREAM ANALYSIS : People were really hate or fear can become sharks, alligators or lions in our dreams. This is symbolic of our wish to avoid these people at all costs.

Look for little clues in the dream which can link the dream to real life. In this case the shark was in a shark tank so the dreamer was completely out of reach of the dangerous animal. This seems to be a symbol for this type of thought "I really do not want to bump into her but it seems she is in a different department so it should be easy to avoid her." (just like the shark in the tank is easy to avoid).

The dream seems to capture this feeling "I found out she is starting work here. I was terrified of bumping into her but then I realised that she was in a different department and so the feeling of threat was much smaller."

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