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Being attacked by a shark while friend was laughing dream

When bad things happen in a dream they may simply show that you feel less positive right now about how things will turn out.

THE DREAM - I was out on the water on a boat with a bunch of my friends who I worked with. My friend was in front of me on a different boat, dragging the boat I was on by a string when the back of my boat started to sink. I kept yelling to my friend that I was being attacked by a shark, but he laughed at me and kept moving. I remained very calm the entire time that the shark was biting at my boat and my equipment. I lost my shoe in the water because it fell in the water and the shark ate it. My friend kept dragging me by the rope and went about his business. The shark eventually went away and I hopped onto a canoe because I was afraid that I would get attacked again. Everyone who I work with was with us in the dream, but that is really all I remember.

GUESSWORK The dreamer had just started a new job that she is unsure about. She kept thinking about her old job and the people she used to work with. Recently she started something new. The night before the dream she spoke to her boyfriend who she used to work with at the old job. He told her about his day and that everyone missed her.

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ASSOCIATIONS AND SYMBOLISM The following associations and symbolic meanings can be attached to this dream.
1. The dream features some friends who the dreamer worked with. This dream could easily be about those friends. In this case an issue regards these people was dominating the dreamers mind at the time. He had left a job where these friends all worked.
2. The dreamer is on a boat by herself and feels separated from the others. The shark is just attacking her. In real life she had just left her job and felt separated from these co-workers. Her life was taking a more negative turn so being "under attack" could be a metaphor for things not going well. One negative experience is a symbol for other negative experiences.

DREAM ANALYSISIts always important to try to see how dream symbols can translate into reality. This dream deals with the following themes.
- The dreamers relationship with the former co-workers.
- A feeling of separation

If you weave together these various symbolic meanings and themes and link them to reality you find that this dream could easily represent the following key feeling - "I have just left my old job and yesterday they were all telling me how much they missed me. I may be having some regrets."

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