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Dream symbols - wanting to ask psychic

THE DREAM I blew my nose and two small circular objects came out. One I cannot remember or was not able in my dream to figure out what it was. The other, when I looked closer, was a tiny snake encased in a clear ball. Almost like what a tadpole looks like in it's clear casing form. I put the objects in my purse and wanted to "open" the little snake to get a better look at it, but waited. I wanted to ask Trisha what it meant. I was not afraid of it. In my dream I could see but not get to Trisha and wanted to know what it meant that a snake came out of my nose. So even in my dream I was searching for the symbolism and could not reach her. I have never discussed dreams with her- but problems in life. In my dream I did not think I was dreaming- yet wanted to know what it meant that a tiny snake came out of my nose.

GUESSWORK The night before the dream the dreamers husband was laid off. The dreamer was worried that she could not pay all of the bills herself. She had just accepted a job where she no longer has the option of overtime. She had been seeing an energy worker called Trisha. She wanted to see her but was not sure if she was still accepting clients.

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1. TRISHA. The dream features someone called Trisha who had been doing some energy work with the dreamer. So by association we may link this dream to the dreamers "spiritual" attitude. Perhaps this dream links to her wish to foresee the future at a time when she was worried that things would be very bad.
2. SNAKES. Snakes often can symbolise bad things that may soon happen. In fact snakes can symbolise any problems. The day before the dreamers husband was laid off and the dreamer was worried that she would not be able to pay all the bills.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers fears that she would not be able to pay all the bills as her husband had just been laid off.

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture this thought that the dreamer was thinking at the time-"My husband has just been laid off. I am worried about the future. I want to approach these problems with the correct spiritual attitude."

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