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Dream dictionary - fight with men and horse gun shot

A dream where very guns are being pointed took place the day after some very serious confrontations.

THE DREAM - I am fighting with this man. We are struggling hard. Then I think I am watching the fight. At one stage one of the men points a gun at the others horse. This wins the fight because the man does not want to have his horse shot. His horse even realises that it is going to be shot and appears very nervous.

Then I am upstairs at my granddads workshop. Cannot remember anything else from there then someone is pointing at me.

Then at one point I am standing up and sitting down really fast. Suddenly someone else is sat next to me - we seem to be connected and in front of me are two men who seem to be connected. One of them is very weird.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer had taken part in a very heated discussion. His friend had been going through a trauma with people who were attacking her character. Realising the intense nature of the discussion he then decided that he should step very carefully with this matter. He felt that he too could become the target of the passionate arguments. That arguments could be twisted and connections made to himself. If he started to point out the flaws in the arguments of his friend then maybe he would become the target.

THE INTERPRETATION Clearly the horse is fearful of being shot. In real life the dreamer felt that he could become the target of his angry friend. If he did not support her entirely and agree with her he could find he becomes the target.

The first scene also deals with the different perspectives. In real life he had tried to stay unbiased and perhaps try to present the other side of the story to his friend. That is symbolised by the changing perspectives.

The scene in my granddad's workshop links grandfathers with working. Grandfathers symbolise wisdom and experience - so that relates to the dreamers need to use wisdom and use all the experience he had to handle the situation.

For the dreamer the last part of the dream symbolised a connection. He felt that he and the weird man were connected in some way. So therefore this symbolises the need to tread carefully with his friend or else she might turn her guns on him. She was obviously very passionate about her thoughts and if he became too involved with the "other side" she might make some weird connections and then turn her sights on him.

So overall the dream symbolises the need to tread carefully during this difficult situation. At first he wanted to present a possible alternative viewpoint. Yet then he decided it was best to just tread carefully. He should recognise the delicate nature of the situation and support his friend. He should recognise the passion of her views and support not question her. Pointing out the flaws in her arguments was not the best course of action. It may link him with the opposition. From which point she may make some weird connection and turn the guns on him

Dream Dictionary
GUN :Guns can be symbols for confrontation which is clearly relevant to the situation. The dreamers friend had got involved in a very serious confrontation and the dreamer felt he might get drawn into his battle. MAN : "male emotions - realising that he should not push things too much"
HORSE : Horses are unpredictable and excitable and can quickly get worked up. This is perhaps a symbol for this situation in real life which was very unpredictable and could easily get out of hand.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I realise she is still very upset about this. She was blamed unfairly. I do not want to get too much involved right now because if I start trying to talk to her she may turn on me. She is in an unpredictable mood. I think time will help her sort this out".

See how the Symbolic meaning portray a key insight the dreamer has about his friends state of mind

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