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Terrible Nightmare

In dreams we can play out our worst fears and feelings. This dream showed how much a TV program about Mexican gangs affected the dreamer.

DREAM - Terrible Nightmare My mother discussed with me a nightmare she had last night where there was a group of people. This group consisted of many people and they were pretty much everywhere so there was no escape from them. What this people did was they tortured families, she told me they were called "Mares" which is oceans in Spanish. So the Mares captured our family and they held the mothers to watch their son being tortured as they had a lot of children lined up. They told the children to cut themselves. She said she was forced to see this line of children being tortured with her youngest son (my brother)in it. The people made sure my brother slightly slashed his neck repeatedly by having me forced to help him. My mother yelled against them. They did not care and kept going through the point where my brother urinated himself. It is very horrible.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:She told me she had seen on TV a program about a big Mexican gang that spread in every place in the world. -Also I admire your interpretation :)

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Dreams are not so much real. They do not reflect reality - the facts about our lives. Rather they reflect our emotions... they bring to life the reality of the emotions that are forming in our minds.

Your dream features a situation which involves RUTHLESSNESS. This is the key feature of gang life.

I think more than anything the dream simply shows what an impact this TV program had on your mother. The dream mind is very suggestive and if we see evil (even on TV) then it can affect us. This program recreated evil and your mother twisted this emotion into every day life... involving her own family

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