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Nervous about porn shop - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was walking into my friends shop. I felt nervous about going in. I felt as if I needed an excuse and reason to go in. Later I was on one of the computers in the shop. I was looking at porn pictures.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had felt nervous about going into his local community centre. That day one of the less regular volunteers was in charge. The dreamer was worried that people might think he was using the centre too much for his own reasons. That he was just abusing the centre. So he did not go into the centre that day. The dreamer had also recently felt nervous about going into his friends shop.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams do seem to link to recent events. Its always best to see if there is a link to recent event before exploring other ideas. The day before is extremely important. The day before this dream the dreamer did change his behavior. He usually would have gone to his local community centre. Yet he turned back because he realized that a particular volunteer was in charge that day. The dream then could explore some thoughts surrounding this.

One obvious link was with his friends shop. The dreamer had felt a similar sense of inhibition with his friends shop. He had been using his friends shop to get access to the internet. It was the same thing in the community centre. He felt worried that others may feel that he was using the computers for a useful purpose. He was interested in psychic phenomena. He often felt embarrassed looking at such sites though.

The porn was an excellent metaphor. Looking at porn is something that is usually done alone. Its rather sordid and embarrassing. Its not something that people and it to or openly look at in front of others. In real life the dreamer felt that his interests on the internet maybe seen as sordid or strange. He liked to pursue these interests on his own. He often felt guilty about looking at weird spiritual sites.

Symbolic Meanings
PORN : "The dreamer felt that others would see his interests in on the internet(psychic phenomena) as strange and sordid - just like porn"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I don't like going into my friends shop or down to the community centre to use the internet. I feel worried that people do not like what I do on the internet. That was especially the case yesterday. I feel embarrassed looking at psychic websites. "

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