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Beetle car dream analysis

Dreams use symbols to recreate reality - but reality in an emotional sense. Hence, dreams use metaphors like he was "driving" his car at me to describe someone who was questioning them "directly". The car, like the line of questioning, was directed straight at the dreamer.

THE DREAM I am looking at this medieval castle. Its like a miniature. I am pulling things out of it including a woman who is sexually attracted to me. Later I am in a car park and I am having to move very quickly as cars are been driven at me. There is one car which is a beetle. It comes straight at me and I skilfully avoid it by jumping up.

THE REALITY During the previous few days the dreamer had had several questions from a woman at work. She kept asking him direct questions about a project he was working on. He felt his ideas were well thought out and based on good reasoning. He was a little annoyed by her direct questions and felt "under attack". As time went on he was starting to realise that she was quite interested in his ideas. The direct line of questions was just her way of clarifying things. The dreamer had misinterpreted her direct questions. The woman in question was also a fan of the Beetles pop group.

DREAM ANALYSIS With a dream its important to make associations. In the dream there is a beetle car. In real life the dreamer immediately associated that with a woman he knew at work. He thought over the word beetle and associated it with this woman. The dreamer had been thinking a lot about this woman recently. She had been asking him a lot of direct questions in connection with his work project. So its quite possible that the dream could link to this.

The dreamer was able to make some other connections with the dream. The cars driving directly at him could be a metaphor for the direct questions he faced from this same woman. So we have already made two associations.

What other connections can we make. How could we link in the castle into this line of interpretation. From experience we know that castles can represent moments when we are very "defensive" and that theme certainly has relevance to this real life situation. So this is at least consistent wiith this line of interpretation. The dreanmer felt very defensive towards this woman after her persistent questions.

How could we interpret the woman who was sexually attracted to the dreamer? Sexual attraction in dreams may link to other forms of attraction. In real life the dreamer was starting to feel that this woman was actually very interested in his ideas. She was interested and "attracted" to his ideas.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Well I think I have totally misinterpreted this woman at work. I thought she was being critical of me but she actually agrees with everything I was saying. Its just the endless questions that I was facing from her. Her direct line of questioning was not a sign of her disagreement it was rather a sign of her attraction to my ideas."

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