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Dream analysis - chased into a swamp by guys

Swamps in dreams may translate into quite simple everyday feelings such as "I feel bogged down." This dreamer was feeling bogged down by problems at the time so its likely that this is the symbolic meaning of swamp in their dream.

THE DREAM I had a dream that I was running away with these two younger children and we were always along some river or swamp of something. Then we were suddenly being chased by a group of guys and they were just about to capture us when this other guy, who was a stranger to me and the children, suddenly started helping us.

THE REALITY The day before was an extremely stressful and aggravating day. The dreamers father was heavily pressurizing her about her school grades. He was yelling at her convinced that something else was going on that she was not telling him. At school the dreamer also had stress from her driving education instructor who constantly took over the controls and was telling her to drive no faster than five miles an hour. He would grab the steering wheel and cause the car to weave around.

DREAM ANALYSIS Often the best interpretation simply quotes the dreamer back at themselves. In this case the dreamer had a very stressful and aggravating day the day before. The dream symbols simply reflect the problems of that day. The dream involved chasing because she felt chased by several issues were she was unable to escape. Her father insisted on chasing up on the school grades. The guys in the dream were aggressive and assertive just as her father and driving instructor were. The children perhaps reflected her unhappiness at being treated like a child.

Symbolic Meanings
CHILDREN : The dreamer was unhappy at being treated like a child by her father.
GUYS : The dreamers father was aggressive and assertive. Men in dream can often symbolise aggressive situations.
SWAMP : The swamp is a simple metaphor for the dreamers emotional state. She feels "swamped" by her father. She is emotionally "bogged down".

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Yesterday was a stressful aggravating day. I was treated like a child. I feel bogged down and unable to tackle things with confidence."

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