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Dream - murdered by friends

THE DREAM - In the dream we was laughing, talking, drove around in the car like we always do. At one point in the dream we was in a house. Maybe his grandmother house. Once we started to drive, we went to this field like place. It had trees grass and rocks. The rocks were those gray or silver looking rocks. It was him, me and 3 of his friends.. A friend he was close to shoot him up and killed him, shot the other 2 friends. In the dream his arm was wrapped around me, I watched him.get killed. I was,crying, he kissed me on the forehead said I love u. He than let his arm down from around my waist and began walking down a path full of rocks into a body of water. I was yelling his name but he never turned around or said anything he just continued to walk. I could hear police sirens.

THE REALITY The dreamers boyfriend had just been murdered in real life. She had been thinking about it constantly and crying all the time. She suspected that he was killed by someone he knew and trusted.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are often caused by something big which happened the day before. This dream is similar to that in that a huge incident was on the dreamers mind. This was such a big event that it was still on the dreamers mind weeks later. Thoughts had been racing through her mind.

These dreams can be like short plays which in some way link to a particular thought or feeling. This dreamer had suspected that her boyfriend had been killed by someone he knew or trusted and so her dream portrayed this, he was killed by a friend. This does not mean that this is true. It simply plays out her suspicions.

The dream also deals with another important part of her feelings. When he was murdered her relationship ended suddenly without warning. She had no chance to tell him how she felt and say goodbye. The dream allows her to have a final moment with him as he kisses her on the forehead and tells her he loves her.

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