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Swapping positions - dream analysis

Dreams seem to focus on things and in doing so they maybe pinpointing a key moment from the day before or a crucial new feeling. This dream focuses on "swapping positions" and the previous day the dreamer had been aware tat he was now becoming more important than someone else at wwork. Therefore they had "swapped positions."

THE DREAM - I am watching people from work on a Road called Manor Road. They are moving from one parking space - then moving to another. People seem to be swapping positions.

THE REALITY The dreamer had a problem with someone from work. He was continually causing arguments. The dreamer felt that much of the problem was down to the fact that the person in question had been there longer and felt more senior and more important than the dreamer. However, the longer the dreamer stayed the more power and authority he had.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dreamer was having trouble at work with another co-worker. He was resentful that the dreamer was now being seen as more important in the organisation. The dream uses the street name as a pun. Manor is often associated with gangster power - a manor is seen as somebody's territory. So the dream represents the change in power in the dreamers workplace. When they swap car parking positions it represents the new pecking order in the company.

One thing to note here is that none of the workers in the dream were people who the dreamer was having trouble with. Dreams are like this. The dream merely follows a theme - you have to look for that theme in your life. The big clue given was the street name - that had associations with power and influence. The other clue was swapping positions. From that the dreamer was able to point to this major issue on his mind at the time

Symbolic Meanings
MANOR : "being in charge - being territorial - wishing to protect your image and power - the dreamer feels like he is in a battle for respect and recognition within the company"
MOVING : "a transformation in your circumstances or emotions - the dreamer is moving to a new position of importance within the company"
PARK : "manoeuvre yourself into a comfortable position - the dreamer recognises his new power and sense of recognition within the company"
SWAP : "switch - the dreamer has switched positions in the company hierarchy with his rival. He is now more important "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am having a problem with a co-worker. He has been in the organisation for years and I have only been there for a short while. But now I am already more important than him. I do not think he likes this. He sees it as his territory."

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

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