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Angry with husband - dream symbolism

THE DREAM Last night I dreamt of my husband with another blond woman that I don't know. There was something that was going on in the town and somebody got killed and I wanted him to go investigate or do something but he was just ignoring me and he was holding his woman in his lap. I was so pissed off and angry, I took a hammer and I was trying to break things. I felt so helpless and I felt if I break something I will be relieved from those feelings. I hit things that look like a glass shelf but it didn't break, no matter how hard I was hitting it didn't break. And I woke up angry. I wasn't angry about him being with another woman, I was mad at him for not doing anything to find out what happened.

THE REALITY In real life a day before the dream the dreamer had a fight with her boss and almost quit her job. It was very bad, and the dreamer was glad her boss hung up the phone on her because she was about to tell her:"this is it, I am done working for you". She was in a mood all day and couldn't get to sleep easily.

DREAM SYMBOLISM The dream seems to be about this very important issue. If something was absolutely dominating your feelings the day before the dream then its likely that the dreamer will have a dream on the issue.

Having said that the dream has two possible meanings. In life we are wedded to many things and not just our husband and wives. So maybe the husband symbolises the dreamers marriage to her work. She has commitments and responsibilities just like in real life. In that way the anger she has towards her husband in the dream represents her anger towards the boss.

A second explanation is possible. A husband has certain responsibilities and maybe he has failed in his responsibilities here. The major feeling in the dream is that her husband has failed to ask her what was wrong. He should intuitively know when something is wrong and help and support his wife whilst these problems occured. The dream has then made the point that his failing here is as bad as any cheating with another woman. Dreams can be overly dramatic in the points they make. Simply the main emotion from the dream was that her husband was ignoring her. The storyline that this was wrapped around was irrelevant. The dream captured his main mood.

But overall the dream undoubtedly captures that sense of real anger. The hammer is a perfect symbol for her mood. It perfectly caught her emotions from the day.

Symbolic Meanings
GLASS : "see through issue"
KILL : "wanting to resist something"
POLICE : "a need to restore order to your own peace of mind"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had a real argument with my boss and nearly quit yesterday. It stuck with me all day"

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