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Dream analysis - president has died

A dream with a news reporter in took place as the dreamer was facing a lot of changes at work. The reporter was a symbol of his eagerness to find out the "latest news" regarding these changes.

THE DREAM I dreamt that I was in Washington D.C.(kind of there flying freely). It was sometime in early spring. In this dream I became aware that the President has died suddenly(unsure of the cause) however; it wasn't due to a terror attack or assassination, I think it was of a medical (maybe heart related issue). Anyway, I was hovering over the Capitol Building when I heard some news reporter state that Cheney was going to be sworn in and a big debate was being created due to his own health issues. In the next second they were attempting to organize a funeral for Bush however; it seemed to be of an disorganized nature.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamers company hired a manager. This was a shock to the dreamer who had to think through his own feelings about this. He decided that it was not a major problem because the manager did not seem to want to interfere too much in the dreamers own department. He had no thoughts of taking any credits for any success.

DREAM ANALYSIS Often dreams will relate to issues that have been alive in our minds the day before the dream. That's perfectly natural as we store up memories in short term memory. Then at night time we transfer these memories into long term memory and integrate them into our emotions and feelings.

In this case there was a good clue. The dream dealt with the President. He is a figure of authority and power. That's the symbolic meaning of presidents. So its quite simple we just look for some issue that involves the issue of power and authority. In this case the dreamer was very much thinking over what the new manager at his workplace would mean to him.

Death in dreams is often symbolic of change. So the organizing of the funeral maybe links to his views on the transition. Perhaps he was a little angry at not been consulted over this change. The funeral deals with the end of an era. The end to old ways of doing things. So in this sense the dreamer had to deal with this change quickly. It was in his own interest. He did not want to show any bitterness towards the new manager. That would immediately set him at a disadvantage.

The debates over the Vice presidents fitness may link to the dreamers views on the managers competence and fitness for the job. Also the issue seemed to establish a new tier of authority. This was a new relationship that the dreamer had to deal with. Working relationships are in some senses negotiated. Particular people will see their role as manager in a different way. One person may act in a very bossy way. Another will be willing to compromise. Working relationships are human relationships and very much depend on the people involved. So a new manager will link to major changes in our workplace. Often we have to get used to people and think what they mean for our own work situation.

In some ways the connection between reality and the dream seem complex but on another level it is quite simple. The dreamer was assessing some situation which involved a change in people in authority and their own fitness to do the job. Its about the transition of power. In fact the health issue draws attention to the qualities of the person. The dream concentrates directly on the personal qualities of the people involved.

Other symbols seem to link strongly with this dream. The news reporter is very much a symbol of situations that are in a constant state of change. As the dreamer is presented with a new boss he is trying to constantly see what this means for him. So the news reporter links to his own need to establish and route out the facts about the "breaking news".

The dream takes place in spring. That's a symbol for new growth. In this sense it maybe links to the dreamers feeling that this is the beginning of a healthy new working relationship.

Work is an important part of our lives. It often features people and situations which we actively dislike. At work we have to learn to live with many unpleasant feelings. Often we will hate people at work. So dreams will feature our own feelings towards important issues. We will also dream about strategies towards various work issues. We often think about projects that are dominating our minds.

Symbolic Meanings
DIE : "a transition in some situation"
FUNERAL : "a need to let go of the past - in this case accept the new power structures "
NEWS : "keeping up with the latest about what is happening in this situation"
PRESIDENT : "power - in this case the dreamer is wondering how changes in the structure will affect his own power"
SPRING : "fresh new growth"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Things have all changed at work. There is a new manager. I am just wondering if he will start to interfere with my department. He has not shown any indication so far"

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