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Remote control - dream interpretation

Dreams can have odd meanings. A dream about a remote control linked to the dreamers thoughts about a girl he knew on the internet who was very impressionable. He could easily control her (hence the remote control). However, this was not something that he wanted.

THE DREAM I am with some guy. He appears to be my boyfriend(I am male and not homosexual). I kiss him and think that its not really what I was looking for.

Later I am in a shop. I am looking at little gadgets such as remote controls. I decide I do not want one so put it back on the shelf. There is also some plants that grow in an aquarium. But then someone says that they are looking to be fed and they will probably die - "they usually die two months after leaving Afghanistan as they are not fed".

THE REALITY The previous night the dreamer had been talking with a girl he knows. She was wanting to talk and she was forcing a very close friendship on him that he was not that keen on. But he figured that if he let her talk through her problems she may simply get bored and her interest would wane. If he did nothing major to encourage her things would settle down. The previous night the dreamer was watching TV and it was said that there were thousands of people who had been through terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and they are now living in the west.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream involves a very close intimate relationship. Its often worthwhile looking to the previous day and see if some relationship had become especially intimate or close. In this case there was. So the dream confirms the dreamers thoughts that he was getting into a relationship that was not wished for(in the dream he clearly thinks this is not what he is looking for).

But why in this case is the dream featuring a homosexual relationship? It probably symbolises the fact that he is having a close relationship with a member of the opposite sex but that this is in no way sexual.

In the shop he is assessing his options(you go into a shop and choose what you want from the options available). The remote control is a clear double meaning - he realises that the girl is often impressionable and maybe he doesn't want to get involved in relationship involving control.

The last section dealing with plants that are from Afghanistan deals links to the issue of suicide bombers. This is connected with the issue about the girl because he felt that she was impressionable and liable to be controlled and influenced. He did not want to be in such a relationship. The plants dying links to how he hopes her interest and insistence that they talk closely and intimately will eventually die down. Suicide is often a linked with someone just simply giving up.

The last section may deal with some of his worst fears. This girl going insane is clearly linked with the fears about world terrorism. This section is a little less clearly understood yet it does seem to make some sense.

Symbolic Meanings
AQUARIUM : "studying emotions - the dreamer is looking at new feelings forming within his friend"
DIE : "the dreamer hopes his friend will stop trying to develop the relationship"
FED : "encouraging something - the dreamer hopes that she will stop pestering him if he ignores her"
HOMOSEXUAL : "a relationship with the opposite sex where you do not feel any sexual feelings"
REMOTE CONTROL : "the dreamer feels his friend is too impressionable and he would be too much of a position of dominance"
SHOP : "the choices available to you at present - in this case it represents what he wants from his relationship with his friend"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "she keeps trying to talk to me and become closer. If I just ignore it she will maybe go away. I do not like forming a relationship with her as I feel she is too impressionable"

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